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Teeraratsakul Twins: Rising Badminton Stars with Pop Star Looks

The world of competitive badminton is no stranger to talented players who dedicate their lives solely to the sport. However, the Teeraratsakul twins, ‘EQ’ Panitchaphon and ‘Omo’ Pakkapon, stand out from the crowd. Not only do they possess distinctive pop star looks, but their attitude on and off the court sets them apart.

Despite being at the early stage of their badminton career, the twins have already achieved celebrity status in Thailand. They have appeared in popular TV dramas and movies, captivating the audience with their performances. With a massive following on TikTok and Instagram, they are experiencing a taste of stardom while also pursuing their dreams in elite badminton.

The Teeraratsakul twins — Pakkapon (left) and Panichaphon.

Their off-court pursuits have not hindered their on-court performances. Both twins played crucial roles in the Thai team’s victory in the SEA Games team event, following an impressive finish in third place in the challenging Group A at the Thomas Cup. Panitchaphon, in particular, emerged as a standout player by securing fifth-match victories against Indonesia in the SEA Games semifinals and Singapore in the Thomas Cup. His stunning comeback from four match points down against Singapore’s Joel Koh was a highlight of the Thomas Cup, leaving the Thai fans in awe.

When reflecting on his triumph, Panitchaphon proudly stated, “I wanted to showcase my potential to my fans and let them know that a new generation is ready to step up and replace the seniors.”

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Panitchaphon Teeraratsakul

Originally doubles partners, the twins took a coach’s advice and made the switch to singles and doubles respectively. Panitchaphon now competes in singles, while Pakkapon pairs up with Peeratchai Sukphun in the second doubles position for Thailand’s Thomas Cup matches.

Curious about how they manage to juggle badminton and their acting careers, we asked Pakkapon for insights. He explained, “Being a national badminton player requires a lot of energy. With training sessions in the morning and afternoon, one can easily become exhausted. However, acting is more like a hobby for us, and it doesn’t affect our performance on the court. We are serious about our badminton careers.”

Their father, former Thai international player Anurak Teeraratsakul, played an influential role in introducing them to the sport and continues to share his experiences with them. Although he never had the opportunity to represent Thailand in the prestigious Thomas Cup, he proudly watched from the stands as his sons brought his dream to life.

“Pakkapon Teeraratsakul (right), Panitchaphon’s twin.” Pakkapon Teeraratsakul (right), Panitchaphon’s twin.

“My father is incredibly proud. He played international matches, but the chance to play in the Thomas Cup eluded him,” Pakkapon shared. “He was present in the audience, but he deliberately stayed hidden to avoid distracting us. I am overjoyed and filled with pride because not many players have the privilege to represent Thailand. We gave our best to make our team and the Thai people proud.”


Q: How did the Teeraratsakul twins become popular outside of badminton?
A: The twins gained popularity through their appearances in Thai TV dramas and movies. Their striking looks and captivating performances quickly garnered them a significant following on TikTok and Instagram.

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Q: What role did the Teeraratsakul twins play in the recent SEA Games and Thomas Cup?
A: Both twins made valuable contributions to the Thai team’s success. Panitchaphon secured critical match victories against Indonesia in the SEA Games semifinals and Singapore in the Thomas Cup. Pakkapon played in the second doubles position for Thailand in all three ties at the Thomas Cup.

Q: How do the Teeraratsakul twins balance their badminton and acting careers?
A: Despite the demanding training schedule as national badminton players, the twins successfully manage their acting careers as well. Acting serves as a hobby for them and does not negatively impact their performance on the badminton court.


The Teeraratsakul twins, with their unique combination of badminton skills and celebrity appeal, are making waves in the world of sports and entertainment. Their success on the court and screen exemplifies their dedication and passion for their respective careers. As they continue to pursue their dreams, we can expect remarkable achievements from these rising stars of badminton.

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