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Who said what at the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023 on Tuesday?

“I’m so grateful to be here. This is my first World Championships. I’m so happy with my first win. I’m trying to improve as much as I can. Playing Akane (at Canada Open in July) was the best feeling that I’ve had because she’s No.2 in the world. I was trying to enjoy every moment.”

  • Juliana Viana Vieira of Brazil, after beating Singapore’s Insyirah Khan 21-9 19-21 21-14

“In the early part of the year, I wasn’t fully fit, I wasn’t able to push myself in the gym. Physically, I’m in much better shape now, particularly the strength in my shoulder, and I’m able to hit hard again. There’s been a difference in the last few months. Overall, I’m much steadier in the legs.”

  • Lakshya Sen, relishing his 21-11 21-12 result over Jeon Hyeok Jin

“Last time I lost to him in Korea, so this time I wanted to fix my mistakes. Back then I had a 9-2 lead, and yet I lost to him. This time I wanted to keep focus and not let him attack. I had an 11-2 lead, but because of my memory from Korea, this thought led me to play weakly and he caught up.”

  • Wang Tzu Wei, after blowing a big lead against Lu Guang Zu

“I need to go back and work on my physical and mental fitness. These losses make you feel bad, but it’s part and parcel of the game and life. She (Okuhara) is coming back and getting her confidence back. When you get an injury it takes time to come back. Those one or two matches are important to get rhythm, and that might take time.”

  • Pusarla V Sindhu, coming to terms with her early loss
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“This win will give us confidence for qualification to Paris 2024. We played a really good pair, and they will be our opponents for Olympic qualification and European Championships, so it means a lot.”

  • Toma Junior Popov, after he and Christo beat Mark Lamsfuss/Marvin Seidel 21-18 21-18

“This is my first big tournament. I tried my best, but I was against a better player. I take everything as experience and everything as new.”

  • Switzerland’s Jenjira Stadelmann, taking the positives from her loss to Iris Wang

Q: Who were the notable winners at the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023?

A: Juliana Viana Vieira of Brazil emerged victorious in her first World Championships match against Singapore’s Insyirah Khan, with a score of 21-9 19-21 21-14. Lakshya Sen also impressed with a dominant 21-11 21-12 win over Jeon Hyeok Jin.

Q: What did Wang Tzu Wei struggle with during his match against Lu Guang Zu?

A: Despite initially holding a commanding 11-2 lead, Wang Tzu Wei faltered and allowed Lu Guang Zu to catch up. He attributed his weak performance to the memory of a previous loss against Lu Guang Zu in Korea.

Q: How did Pusarla V Sindhu react to her early loss in the tournament?

A: Pusarla V Sindhu acknowledged the disappointment of her early exit but recognized that losses are a part of the game. She emphasized the importance of regaining physical and mental fitness and expressed confidence in Okuhara’s comeback.

Q: What significance does Toma Junior Popov attach to his recent victory?

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A: Toma Junior Popov, reflecting on his win alongside Christo against Mark Lamsfuss/Marvin Seidel, highlighted the boost of confidence it provides for their qualification to Paris 2024. He acknowledged the strength of their opponents and recognized the upcoming challenges in Olympic qualification and European Championships.

Q: How did Switzerland’s Jenjira Stadelmann handle her loss to Iris Wang?

A: Switzerland’s Jenjira Stadelmann, despite her defeat against Iris Wang, viewed the experience as invaluable. She took the opportunity to learn and grow, considering every match as a chance to gain new insights.

The TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023 showcased thrilling matches and insightful post-match comments from the players. Juliana Viana Vieira expressed her gratitude and joy after winning her first World Championships match against Insyirah Khan. Lakshya Sen highlighted his improved physical conditioning and the impact it had on his performance. Wang Tzu Wei struggled to maintain his lead against Lu Guang Zu but acknowledged the lessons learned from the experience. Pusarla V Sindhu acknowledged the challenges of the game and the need to work on her physical and mental fitness. Toma Junior Popov found confidence in his victory, seeing it as a stepping stone towards qualifying for Paris 2024. Despite her loss, Jenjira Stadelmann embraced the lessons and experiences gained from her first major tournament.