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One man’s fortune turned into disappointment for another at the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 when injury forced Wong Wing Ki to quit the match against Ygor Coelho. This gave the 21-year-old Brazilian an opportunity to advance to the second round and face HS Prannoy for a spot in the third round. Coelho emerged victorious with a score of 22-20 19-21 11-4 retired. Despite his win, Coelho expressed sympathy for Wong and his unfortunate injury.

Coelho attributed his success to his improved gameplay and disciplined tactics. He mentioned that he focused well from the start of the match, although he had a few ups and downs. In the third game, Coelho followed his coach’s advice to play deep and exploit the baseline, which proved to be effective.

During the match, Coelho showed confidence and attacked strategically. Despite losing a lead in the first game, he held firm and managed to take control. Wong, on the other hand, started strong in the second game, leading to a tense battle in the third game. However, at 2-7 down, Wong had to quit due to a leg injury. He explained that he felt something pop in his right thigh while stretching for a shuttle and had to lie down due to weakness in his leg.

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Looking ahead, Coelho is excited to face No.11 seed Prannoy in the next round. In a previous World Championships, he managed to take a game off China’s Shi Yuqi, so he hopes to perform at a similar level or even better this time.

In other matches, top contenders in the Men’s Singles category, such as Viktor Axelsen, Chen Long, Lin Dan, and Shi Yuqi, advanced easily. Similarly, the Women’s Singles category saw Chloe Birch defeating Beatriz Corrales in a hard-fought match, earning herself a spot in the second round against Beiwen Zhang.

Germany’s Marvin Emil Seidel and Linda Efler had a successful day, winning their Mixed Doubles match, as well as Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles matches. They showcased their skills and resilience in their respective games. India also celebrated early victories in the championships, with Manu Attri and B. Sumeeth Reddy winning the first match in the Men’s Doubles category, and Pranaav Jerry Chopra and N Sikki Reddy triumphing in the Mixed Doubles category.

Throughout the day, established players and pairs displayed their dominance, highlighting the gap between them and the rest of the world. The matches were held at Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Sports Park Gymnasium.

For more details on the results of the matches, you can visit the official website of Carnegiecentre here.


Is Wong Wing Ki’s injury serious?
Wong Wing Ki’s injury in his right thigh forced him to quit the match. Although he did not provide specific details about the severity of the injury, he mentioned that he felt something pop and had weakness in his leg.

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Who will Ygor Coelho face in the next round?
Ygor Coelho is set to face No.11 seed HS Prannoy in the next round of the TOTAL BWF World Championships.

Which players advanced easily in the Men’s Singles category?
Top contenders such as Viktor Axelsen, Chen Long, Lin Dan, and Shi Yuqi advanced with little trouble in the Men’s Singles category.

Who did Chloe Birch defeat in the Women’s Singles category?
Chloe Birch defeated Beatriz Corrales in a closely contested match in the Women’s Singles category.


The TOTAL BWF World Championships provided thrilling matches and surprising developments in the early stages of the tournament. Ygor Coelho’s victory over Wong Wing Ki, despite the latter’s injury, showcased Coelho’s improved gameplay and disciplined tactics. The tournament also saw top contenders in various categories advancing confidently. The matches demonstrated the skill and dominance of established players and pairs. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the tournament progresses.