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News | BWF World Championships

Carolina Marin’s Incredible Comeback at the World Championships

Carolina Marin, a resilient athlete who has overcome two knee surgeries, has set herself up for a fourth World Championships medal. This victory marks her first since her second surgery two years ago. Although the color of the medal is still uncertain, the significance of this achievement cannot be overstated.

Marin describes the hardships she had to face on her journey back to the top: “I think no one can imagine how tough it is to have two surgeries, to be a year away from the circuit, and to come back and train hard every day.” Her determination and persistence have paid off, and she is proud of her progress, especially on the mental front.

News | BWF World Championships
Story of true grit.

Every tournament is important, but coming back from surgery is an incredibly challenging feat. Marin’s exceptional performance at this World Championships highlights her physical and mental strength. As she looks ahead to the semifinals, Marin will face off against Akane Yamaguchi, who is also vying for her third world title. Meanwhile, another exciting matchup awaits us between An Se Young and Olympic champion Chen Yu Fei.

HS Prannoy’s Well-Deserved Medal

In a breakthrough moment, HS Prannoy has secured his first World Championships medal. This achievement has been a long time coming for Prannoy, who had previously fallen in the quarterfinals at two World Championships.

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News | BWF World Championships
Prannoy finds a breakthrough.

Prannoy’s victory came in a thrilling match against two-time champion Viktor Axelsen. Prannoy’s well-organized defense and strategic injection of pace created cracks in Axelsen’s game. As the pressure of defending his world title mounted, Axelsen seemed to crumble under the weight of expectations.

Reflecting on his achievement, Prannoy shares his thoughts: “I finally have a World Championships medal! Today it was all about being patient and trusting my instincts. I knew the circumstances would change, and I just had to keep pushing until that moment arrived.”

News | BWF World Championships
Axelsen was a frustrated figure.

Axelsen acknowledges the pressure he faced and admits his disappointment: “I felt pressure about my own level not being where I wanted it to be. I was surprised at how many errors I made. All credit to Prannoy, he played a really good game.”

In Conclusion

Carolina Marin and HS Prannoy have shown immense resilience and skill at the BWF World Championships. Their performances serve as inspiration to athletes everywhere, proving that setbacks can be overcome with hard work and determination.


  1. How many World Championships medals has Carolina Marin won?
    Carolina Marin has won three World Championships medals so far, and she is aiming for her fourth in the ongoing tournament.

  2. What is HS Prannoy’s previous track record at the World Championships?
    HS Prannoy had previously reached the quarterfinals in two World Championships but fell short of a medal. This year, he has secured his first World Championships medal.

  3. Who are the other semifinalists in the tournament?
    Akane Yamaguchi, An Se Young, and Chen Yu Fei are the other semifinalists competing for the World Championships title.

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