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BWF World Championships: Chen Long and Carolina Marin Shine in Finals


The BWF World Championships finals showcased the dominance of Chen Long and Carolina Marin, solidifying their positions as the world’s top singles players. Chen Long exhibited his unwavering prowess, leaving no chance for Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei to make a comeback after his eight-month hiatus. The match set the tone early on, with Lee’s smashes being skillfully returned by Chen, deflating the Malaysian’s confidence. Despite flashes of brilliance from Lee in the second game, the defending champion proved too formidable, ultimately securing his victory (21-14 21-17). Reflecting on his win, Chen expressed his emotions, attributing his joy to the difficulty of winning a major Men’s Singles event in Indonesia.

Finals_MS podium

In the Women’s Singles final, Marin faced off against Saina Nehwal, who had previously eliminated former champion Wang Yihan in an epic quarter-final. However, Nehwal struggled to match Marin’s creativity and found herself reacting to the Spaniard’s aggressive play. Although Nehwal showed promise in the second game, Marin’s resilient nature allowed her to stage a comeback and secure the title (21-16 21-19). Marin expressed her happiness, emphasizing the significance of this victory, especially after recovering from a recent foot injury. Nehwal acknowledged her missed opportunities but praised Marin as the better player.

Finals_WS podium


Q: Who were the champions in the BWF World Championships finals?

A: Chen Long emerged victorious in the Men’s Singles category, while Carolina Marin claimed the title in the Women’s Singles category.

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Q: How did Chen Long defeat Lee Chong Wei?

A: Chen’s impeccable skills and precision proved too much for Lee to handle, resulting in a decisive victory for Chen.

Q: What was notable about Carolina Marin’s performance in the finals?

A: Marin displayed her resilience and fighting spirit by staging a remarkable comeback to secure her victory.


The BWF World Championships finals witnessed the exceptional performances of Chen Long and Carolina Marin, solidifying their positions as the top singles players. Chen Long’s dominance in the Men’s Singles category showcased his unwavering skills, while Carolina Marin’s creative play secured her victory in the Women’s Singles category. Both champions displayed remarkable resilience and determination, making for an exciting spectacle of badminton at its finest. Visit Carnegiecentre to explore more about the world of badminton.