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In Soniia Cheah’s recent victory at the BWF World Championships, there was an undeniable sense of joy and passion for the sport. Interestingly, this rediscovery of love for badminton occurred after a break following the Tokyo Olympics last year. Dealing with physical ailments like a bone spur in her right ankle and the pressure to perform, Cheah had contemplated giving up badminton to focus on her studies. However, her prior ranking points made her eligible for the championships, and she returned to training three months ago with a renewed perspective.

Free from the weight of expectations that had burdened her before, Cheah approached her opening round with a light-heartedness that carried her to victory against Indonesia’s Putri Kusuma Wardani. Despite Wardani’s valiant efforts to save match points, Cheah remained at ease. The joy was evident when she converted her fourth match point and giggled like a child.

“It’s truly an honor to play here. I returned because badminton runs in my blood. As long as I have the opportunity to play on the court, I am happy. I genuinely enjoy playing,” Cheah expressed.

Previously, she had struggled to find the true value of badminton while playing for the national team. However, this rediscovery allowed her to see beyond the results and appreciate the sport on a deeper level.

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This victory marks Cheah’s first win in six consecutive first-round losses. After Tokyo 2020, she discovered the bone spur and contemplated surgery, but having already undergone four surgeries on her ankle, she chose to postpone it.

While uncertain about her immediate future in badminton, Cheah is determined to remain involved in some capacity. As an independent player, she acknowledges the challenges of finding funding and expresses gratitude to her sponsors for enabling her to participate in the championship. Regardless of whether she retires from the game, her love for badminton ensures her continued presence in the field, albeit in a different role.


Q1: How did Soniia Cheah rediscover her love for badminton?

A1: Soniia Cheah rediscovered her love for badminton after taking a break following the Tokyo Olympics. During this break, she resumed training three months ago and found a renewed passion for the sport.

Q2: What were the challenges Soniia Cheah faced before her victory?

A2: Soniia Cheah faced physical challenges, including a bone spur in her right ankle, and the pressure to perform had taken a toll on her. She had even considered giving up badminton to focus on her studies.

Q3: How did Soniia Cheah feel after her victory?

A3: Soniia Cheah expressed her happiness and honor to have the opportunity to play at the BWF World Championships. She giggled with joy and emphasized that playing badminton brings her immense happiness.


Soniia Cheah’s victory at the BWF World Championships signifies more than just a win. It is a testament to her rediscovered love for badminton and the joy she finds in playing the sport. After a break following the Tokyo Olympics, Cheah returned to training with a newfound perspective, free from the pressures that had burdened her before. Her victory against Putri Kusuma Wardani showcased her resilience and love for the game. Despite physical challenges and doubts about her future in badminton, Cheah remains grateful for the opportunity to participate in the championships. Her passion for the sport will continue to guide her, regardless of what lies ahead. For more information, visit

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