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TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019: Reflections and Ambitions

The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 showcased the brilliance of badminton’s star players. Amidst the fiery battles in Basel, these athletes shared their candid thoughts on success, failure, pressure, and their ambitions for the future. Let’s dive into the parting thoughts from some of the notable players who captured the headlines.

Chou Tien Chen: Striving for Improvement

Chou Tien Chen, a quarterfinalist, reflected on his playing style and acknowledged the need for improvement. He expressed his desire to play more efficiently, focusing on saving his power and striving for quicker smash speeds. With his eyes set on the upcoming Olympics, Chou Tien Chen is determined to make further progress in his game.

Anders Antonsen: Embracing Pressure

Anders Antonsen, a silver medalist, shared his perspective on pressure. He revealed that he felt no pressure during the Championships. Antonsen believes that acknowledging and confronting the thoughts and challenges that pressure brings is key to overcoming it. His mental fortitude and enjoyment of the process have contributed to his growth at the top level.

Anders Antonsen

Kantaphon Wangcharoen: A Proud Achievement

Kantaphon Wangcharoen, the bronze medalist, expressed his pride in becoming Thailand’s first men’s singles medallist in World Championship history. He plans to go back home and further improve his skills, drawing valuable lessons from this experience. Wangcharoen’s determination and newfound knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to his future success on the badminton court.

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Pusarla V Sindhu: Aiming for Gold

Pusarla V Sindhu, the newly crowned world champion, has her sights set on the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Sindhu’s previous victories have motivated her to keep achieving more. She believes that this recent triumph will further fuel her determination to excel and win more tournaments in the future.

Pusarla V Sindhu

Nozomi Okuhara: Reflecting and Improving

Nozomi Okuhara, the silver medalist, acknowledged Sindhu’s exceptional form during their match. She recognized the importance of reviewing her mental and physical condition, as well as her playing strategy. Okuhara aims to enhance her skills in order to improve her performance in upcoming tournaments.

Zheng Si Wei: A Year of Stability

Zheng Si Wei, the world champion in mixed doubles, highlighted the stability he and his partner have achieved this year. This newfound consistency has been the result of their growth and development. Zheng is optimistic about their future performances as they continue to build on their successes.

Zheng Si Wei

Mia Blichfeldt: Striving for Progress

Mia Blichfeldt, a quarterfinalist, expressed her disappointment while also acknowledging her progress. She emphasized the importance of enjoying the small steps that lead to improvement and staying motivated. Blichfeldt aims to minimize errors and work harder as she strives to reach greater heights in her badminton career.

Yeo Jia Min: Embracing Challenges

Yeo Jia Min, another quarterfinalist, analyzed her performance and identified areas for improvement. She acknowledged that her shot quality and speed were not up to par, but she saw this experience as a stepping stone towards growth. Yeo Jia Min expressed her enjoyment of the challenges she faced and hopes that her achievements will inspire other Singaporean players to perform well in major competitions.

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Yeo Jia Min


Q: How did Pusarla V Sindhu perform in the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019?
A: Pusarla V Sindhu emerged as the world champion in women’s singles.

Q: Who was Thailand’s first men’s singles medallist in World Championship history?
A: Kantaphon Wangcharoen achieved this historic feat.

Q: What were some of the key takeaways from the Championships?
A: The players highlighted the importance of mental strength, continuous improvement, and the joy of facing challenges.


The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 provided a platform for badminton’s finest to showcase their skills and share their visions for the future. From reflecting on their performances to expressing their ambitions, these athletes demonstrated a relentless pursuit of excellence. As the badminton community looks ahead to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it is clear that these players will continue to captivate and inspire us with their remarkable talent and unwavering determination.