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Unbeaten Run Continues for Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan at the BWF World Championships

The dynamic duo of Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan once again showcased their impressive skills at the BWF World Championships. With their latest win, they have secured a spot in the semifinals and are on the brink of another medal.

A Quest for Gold

At 38 years old, Hendra Setiawan is still in the running for his record-breaking fifth gold medal at the championships. Meanwhile, his partner, Mohammad Ahsan, is vying for his fourth title. Their experience and determination have been a winning combination thus far.

A Different Challenge

Their quarterfinal match against India’s MR Arjun and Dhruv Kapila proved to be a unique challenge. In previous matches, Arjun and Kapila had pushed the seasoned pair to close third games. However, this time, Ahsan and Setiawan were in control from the beginning.

Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan

Dominating Performance

Within a mere five minutes, Ahsan and Setiawan took an impressive 11-1 lead, leaving their Indian opponents struggling to find their rhythm. Both players showcased flawless skills, dominating the serve-return exchanges and swiftly closing out each rally.

Disheartened by their performance, Arjun attributed their struggle to an off day. Reflecting on the match, he expressed, “We were very rusty with the rackets, the legs were kind of there but then we were not getting anything in the rackets at all. I felt the shuttles were a little faster today with the court conditions changing. We were trying to get the shuttle high, but it was either going too long or short, and we were not able to defend.”

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A Lesson Learned

Arjun’s partner, Kapila, added that their opponents had a clear understanding of their game plan. “They knew pretty well what we were going to do, and whatever we played did not work,” Kapila said. However, they acknowledged that it was more of a mental challenge rather than physical fatigue.

Ahsan, on the other hand, credited their victory to the lessons learned from past matches. “We learnt from our past matches as we watched the videos. We had to attack first and not make mistakes. They changed their tactics for this match, but we were more ready,” he explained.

The Semifinal Showdown

In the upcoming semifinals, Ahsan and Setiawan will face their younger compatriots, Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto. Alfian and Ardianto secured their spot in the semifinals after defeating Ben Lane and Sean Vendy in a swift 29-minute match. The stage is set for an exciting clash between the experienced veterans and the rising stars of Indonesian badminton.


  • Q: How many gold medals has Hendra Setiawan won in the BWF World Championships?
    A: Hendra Setiawan is aiming for his fifth gold medal at the championships.

  • Q: What is the secret to the success of Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan?
    A: Ahsan and Setiawan’s success can be attributed to their experience, skill, and ability to adapt to their opponents’ tactics.


Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan’s unbeaten run at the BWF World Championships is a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication. As they advance to the semifinals, badminton enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate their next match. Stay tuned to see if the “Daddies” can secure yet another medal and continue their remarkable journey in the tournament.

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