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News: Lene Køppen’s Impact on Badminton’s History

Denmark’s badminton superstar, Lene Køppen, left an indelible mark on the sport during her career. Her artistry, industry, ingenuity, and fair play endeared her to the nation. In fact, she was so beloved that her image was featured on a Danish postage stamp commemorating the 1983 World Championships in Copenhagen.

Køppen’s popularity soared to new heights when she was voted Denmark’s most popular sportsperson in a poll conducted by leading newspaper Ekstra Bladet. This achievement is a testament to her incredible skill and the admiration she garnered from fans across the country.

Her journey in world badminton began in 1977 when she clinched two gold medals at the inaugural World Championships. In Malmo, Sweden, just a short distance from her hometown of Copenhagen, Køppen displayed her dazzling skills and peak performance. Her exceptional running and retrieving abilities propelled her to victory, overcoming formidable opponents from England and Japan.

The final match was a thrilling experience as Køppen battled it out against England’s Gillian Gilks, ultimately winning with a score of 12-9, 12-11. Denmark erupted with joy, and the Malmo Isstadion was filled with scenes of celebration. Amidst the excitement, an enthusiastic fan even managed to snatch the shuttlecock of victory, only to have it returned to Køppen by security.

Continuing her winning streak, Køppen secured her second gold medal alongside her Danish compatriot Steen Skovgaard in the mixed doubles category. Their partnership reached its peak as they defeated Derek Talbot and Gillian Gilks of England with a score of 15-12, 18-17. This victory, coinciding with Køppen’s graduation from dental school, marked a truly remarkable year both personally and professionally.

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Although she encountered disappointment at the 1980 World Championships, where she earned two bronze medals in singles and mixed doubles, Køppen remained determined to make her mark. In 1979, she became the first Dane to win the All England women’s singles title since Marie Ussing’s triumph in 1953. Known for her speed and athleticism, Køppen was widely regarded as the best player in Scandinavia during her prime, earning 48 caps for Denmark from 1971 to 1983.

Sadly, the 1983 World Championships on home ground proved to be the last tournament of Køppen’s career. Despite China’s dominance in the women’s singles category, hopes were high for Køppen. However, she was defeated by the young Korean player Kim Yun-Ja in the second round. This marked the end of an extraordinary journey for Køppen, who made significant contributions to the sport.

While she will be missed at the grand occasion in Basel this week, where medallists from the 1977 World Championships will be honored, Køppen’s legacy will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. Her impact on badminton’s history remains profound, and her achievements continue to inspire future generations of players.


  1. What were Lene Køppen’s most significant accomplishments?

    • Lene Køppen won two gold medals at the inaugural World Championships in 1977.
    • She became the first Danish woman to win the All England women’s singles title in 1979.
    • Køppen won the singles crown at the 1980 All England and the 1978 and 1982 European Championships.
    • She earned 48 caps for Denmark from 1971 to 1983.
  2. How was Lene Køppen regarded within the sport of badminton?

    • Køppen was known for her exceptional skill, athleticism, and speed.
    • Considered the best player in Scandinavia during her prime, she gained widespread recognition and admiration.
  3. What was the highlight of Lene Køppen’s career?

    • Winning two gold medals at the first World Championships in 1977 was a significant milestone in Køppen’s career.
  4. What impact did Lene Køppen have on Denmark’s sporting landscape?

    • Køppen’s popularity soared, and she was voted Denmark’s most popular sportsperson, reflecting the love and admiration she received from fans across the country.
  5. What happened to Lene Køppen after her retirement?

    • After retiring from the sport, Køppen has remained a prominent figure in badminton’s history, and her achievements continue to be celebrated.
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Lene Køppen’s remarkable journey in badminton showcased her extraordinary talent, dedication, and sportsmanship. Her success at the inaugural World Championships and subsequent victories cemented her place in the history of the sport. Denmark and the badminton community will forever appreciate Køppen’s contributions. Her legacy will inspire future generations to embrace the game and strive for greatness. For more information on the captivating world of badminton, visit Carnegiecentre.