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China’s Men’s Doubles Dominance at the World Championships

Li and Liu celebrating their victory at the Thomas Cup last year.

China’s success in men’s doubles at the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019 once again showcased the incredible talent of Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen. With their impressive performances, they solidified their position as the best men’s doubles pair in the business, particularly in Major Events.

Reclaiming Titles and Making History

Li and Liu’s achievements over the past year, especially in Major Events, have been remarkable. They played a crucial role in China reclaiming the Thomas Cup after a two-edition gap, winning a tense final against Japan from two match points down. This victory not only showcased their skills but also brought back the prestigious title to China.

Later, at the World Championships in Nanjing, playing on home soil, Li and Liu secured their first world title, preventing the hosts from settling for just one gold medal compared to Japan’s three. Their straight-games victory in the high-pressure final match against Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda ensured that China finished the event with two gold medals, tying with Japan.

To conclude their spectacular year, Li and Liu triumphed over Japan once again in the final of the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals in Guangzhou, claiming China’s third crown.

Winners at the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals.

Unbeatable in Mixed Doubles, Competitive in Other Categories

China’s dominance in mixed doubles has been evident, with pairs like Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong and Wang Yilyu/Huang Dongping considered nearly unbeatable. However, in other categories, China faced tougher competition.

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In their first tie against Malaysia at the Sudirman Cup, Li and Liu encountered some trouble. Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik matched them shot for shot, and with match points saved, Li and Liu emerged victorious, setting the stage for China’s 5-0 win.

Li and Liu continued their stellar performance in the knockout rounds, defeating Denmark’s Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen in just 54 minutes. Their semifinal match against Thailand was also a convincing win, with Li and Liu sealing the deal after their teammates had given China a 2-0 lead.

Overcoming Challenges in the Final

Meeting Japan in the final proved to be a different challenge for Li and Liu. Although they were clear favorites in mixed doubles, the opening men’s doubles match was critical for both teams. Hiroyuki Endo and Yuta Watanabe had a positive record against Li and Liu, including a straight games victory in their last encounter.

The first game of the final was intense, with the Japanese duo successfully neutralizing Li and Liu’s fast-paced style. However, one crucial mistake by the Japanese at 18-all shifted the momentum in favor of the Chinese pair, allowing them to secure the game. Japan struggled to regain their footing, and China went on to win the tie 3-0.

The Future for Li and Liu

After their string of victories in team and individual events, Li and Liu, alongside Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, have become China’s biggest weapons. The badminton world eagerly awaits their journey to the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 in Basel and their quest for success at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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  • Q: Who are the best men’s doubles pair in badminton?
    • A: Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen have established themselves as the best men’s doubles pair, especially in Major Events.
  • Q: What major titles have Li and Liu won recently?
    • A: Li and Liu have won the Thomas Cup, the World Championships, and the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals, among other titles.
  • Q: How have Li and Liu performed against Japan?
    • A: Li and Liu have had successful encounters against Japan, including a crucial victory in the World Championships final.


Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen’s dominance in men’s doubles has been a sight to behold. Their remarkable performances, including reclaiming titles and preventing their rivals from securing multiple gold medals, demonstrate their exceptional skills and resilience. As they continue their journey towards the TOTAL BWF World Championships and Tokyo 2020, the badminton world eagerly awaits their next triumphs. To learn more about the achievements of Li and Liu, visit Carnegiecentre.