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Indonesian Legends Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi: Celebrating their Badminton Legacy

Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi

Indonesian badminton legends Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi left an indelible mark on the sport during the 1970s. Their extraordinary skills and remarkable performances captivated audiences worldwide. Despite facing challenges, they showcased their talents without the luxuries and financial support enjoyed by modern athletes.

A Fairy Tale Beginning

Tjun Tjun, originally Liang Chunsheng, was born on October 4, 1952, in Central Java, Indonesia. Similarly, Johan Wahjudi, formerly Ang Yu Liang, was born on February 10, 1953, in East Java. Both players had Chinese-Indonesian heritage and were destined to conquer the badminton world.

Growing into Champions

Tjun Tjun, who started playing badminton at the age of 14, quickly made a name for himself as a singles and doubles player. Meanwhile, Wahjudi began his badminton journey at the age of six and later joined the prestigious NT Rajawali badminton club in Surabaya. It was there that he trained alongside the legendary Rudy Hartono.

Under the guidance of coach Stanley Gouw, Tjun Tjun and Wahjudi emerged as the leading doubles pair in Indonesia. Their partnership flourished, and they claimed victory at the 1972 national championships. They also secured their first international title at the World Invitation tournament in Jakarta, defeating the reigning All England champions Christian Hadinata and Ade Chandra.

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A Rivalry Ignites

Tjun Tjun and Wahjudi’s success fueled a fierce rivalry with Hadinata and Chandra. In 1973, the two pairs faced off in the All England final, with Tjun Tjun and Wahjudi narrowly missing out on the title. However, they swiftly avenged their loss by defeating their rivals in subsequent tournaments, including the Danish Open, German Open, and Singapore Open.

Conquering the World

In 1977, Tjun Tjun and Wahjudi etched their names into history by winning the first-ever World Championships in Malmo, Sweden. Their remarkable journey from amateur athletes to world champions became an inspiration for generations to come.

Continuing the Legacy

To honor the accomplishments of the early World Championships medalists, the BWF has arranged a special reception during the upcoming TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019. Distinguished players such as Flemming Delfs, Lene Koppen, Gillian Gilks, Nora Perry, Steen Skovgaard, Derek Talbot, Ray Stevens, Thomas Kihlstrom, Etsuko Toganoo, Emiko Ueno, and Joanna Flockhart will be in attendance.


1. Are Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi still involved in the badminton community?
Despite retiring from professional badminton, Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi remain highly respected figures in the sport. They occasionally participate in events and provide mentorship to younger players.

2. How did Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi contribute to Indonesian badminton?
Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi played a vital role in Indonesia’s golden era of badminton. They showcased exceptional skills and inspired future generations of players in the country.

3. What is the significance of the first World Championships victory for Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi?
Winning the inaugural World Championships title solidified Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi’s status as world-class players. Their victory symbolized their extraordinary talent and dedication to the sport.

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Tjun Tjun and Johan Wahjudi’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming badminton legends is a testament to their exceptional skills and unwavering passion. Their remarkable achievements continue to inspire and shape the future of Indonesian badminton. Let us celebrate their legacy and remember their contributions to the sport.

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