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India’s Prem Kumar Ale Shines at the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019

India’s rising badminton star, Prem Kumar Ale, made waves at the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019 by defeating Germany’s Thomas Wandschneider in a thrilling round of 16 men’s singles WH1 match. Despite Wandschneider’s status as the top seed and world No. 2, Ale displayed remarkable confidence, executing controlled moves and delivering precise shots that left his opponent stunned.

Thomas Wandschneider

Ale, hailing from Pune, India, expressed his elation after the match, saying, “I’m confident now that nothing is impossible. I’m so happy and cannot wait for the next round to show what I can do. The Koreans and Chinese are very good, but I have no fear of anyone. I’m ready to face anyone and go for the medal.”

Wandschneider, on the other hand, voiced his disappointment, attributing his struggle in the match to a lack of rhythm. “I played so badly. All my drop shots kept going out, and I just could not hit the clears well,” he shared.

Another Chance for Wandschneider

Despite the setback, Wandschneider still has an opportunity to make his mark in the men’s doubles WH1-2 category, where he will team up with Young-Chin Mi. Interestingly, this means he will once again face Ale, who will be partnering with Abu Hubaida of India.

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In the mixed doubles WH1-2 round of 16, Korea’s Lee Dong Seop and Lee Sun Ae emerged victorious against China’s Zhang Ying and Zhao Xin, setting up an exciting quarterfinal clash against Thailand’s top-ranked pair, Amnouy Wetwithan and Homhual Jakarin. Meanwhile, Switzerland’s Luca Olgiati and Karin Suter-Erath secured their spot in the next round by defeating Spain’s Francesco Matero and Esther Torres. They will face Germany’s Young-Chin Mi and Valeska Knoblauch in the quarterfinals.

Mi, reflecting on their performance, expressed a desire to improve. “I was a little uncertain in the first match but became more sure in the second. I think we give each other assurance on the court, but I have to work harder to improve, especially for the next match,” he said.

While the Swiss duo may enjoy home ground advantage, Mi and Knoblauch have garnered their own dedicated fan base in Basel. “Mom, dad, friends, and family, everyone is here,” Knoblauch excitedly shared.

Young-Chin Mi also showcased his skills in the men’s singles WH1 round of 16, emerging victorious against Marcelo Alves Conceicao with a score of 21-16, 21-15.

Talking Point

Prem Kumar Ale addressed wheelchair athletes in India with a powerful message: “I want to tell all wheelchair athletes in India that we can do anything. As long as you are determined, you can defeat the top-ranked players in the world.”


  • Q: Who is Prem Kumar Ale?

  • A: Prem Kumar Ale is an Indian badminton player who recently gained attention for his impressive performance at the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019.

  • Q: Who did Prem Kumar Ale defeat in the round of 16?

  • A: Prem Kumar Ale defeated Germany’s Thomas Wandschneider, who is ranked No. 2 in the world, in the round of 16 men’s singles WH1 match.

  • Q: Will Thomas Wandschneider have another chance in the tournament?

  • A: Yes, Thomas Wandschneider will compete in the men’s doubles WH1-2 category alongside Young-Chin Mi.

  • Q: Who are the top-ranked mixed doubles players from Thailand?

  • A: Amnouy Wetwithan and Homhual Jakarin are the top-ranked mixed doubles pair from Thailand.

  • Q: Who will Luca Olgiati and Karin Suter-Erath face in the quarterfinals?

  • A: Luca Olgiati and Karin Suter-Erath will face Young-Chin Mi and Valeska Knoblauch of Germany in the quarterfinals.

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Prem Kumar Ale’s impressive victory against Thomas Wandschneider at the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019 has sparked excitement in the badminton world. Fans eagerly await the upcoming matches in both the men’s singles and doubles categories, as well as the mixed doubles clashes, where top-ranked players from various countries will compete for glory.