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The Thrilling Men’s Singles Para Badminton at the BWF World Championships

The men’s singles Para badminton standing class at the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships showcases some of the most talented badminton players in the world. These athletes compete fiercely to claim the top spot on the podium in their respective categories.

A Promising Field of Competitors

Indonesians Dheva Anrimusthi and Suryo Nugroho currently hold the top two rankings in the SU5 class. Anrimusthi’s exceptional skills on the court have earned him praise not only from his compatriots but also from his competitors. Nugroho, after an effortless victory against David Jack Wilson of Wales, acknowledged Anrimusthi’s dominance, stating, “Dheva and I train together, but I’ve never been able to defeat him in competition.”

Equal Opportunities for All

As the top-seeded players, Anrimusthi and Nugroho could potentially face off in the finals. However, according to Anrimusthi, the outcome remains uncertain, emphasizing that “in our category, every one of us is equal. I cannot think of anyone who is particularly a threat.”

Rising Competition in the SU5 Class

Malaysia’s Cheah Like Hou, the 2017 World Champion SU5, acknowledges the increased level of competition compared to two years ago. He notes that younger players have raised their game, mentioning that he is at least 10 years older than some of them. Cheah secured a spot in the quarterfinals after defeating China’s He Zhirui and recognizes the challenges that lie ahead, saying, “It won’t be easy facing them.”

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Excitement in the SL4 Men’s Singles

In the SL4 men’s singles, France’s Lucas Mazur stands out as a formidable player, not just because of his impressive height of 192cm. Mazur’s victory over Chinese Taipei’s Yeh En-Chuan sets up an exciting quarterfinals match against Thailand’s Siripong Teamarrom. Mazur expresses his delight with his performance, stating, “I’m very happy with my second game because my first one didn’t showcase my best badminton. Today, I’ve improved my skills.” He looks forward to the challenge against Teamarrom, aiming to secure the gold medal.

Indian Players Making Their Mark

India’s Tarun and Sukant Kadam, ranked second and third respectively, also make their way towards the men’s singles SL4 gold. Tarun defeated Russia’s Oleg, while Kadam sent New Zealand’s Corrie Keith Robinson packing in their respective matches, securing their positions in the quarterfinals.

Exciting Results in Other Categories

The women’s doubles WH1-2 match saw Austria’s Henriette Koosz and Spain’s Marcela Quinteros create quite a stir with their victory over home favorites Cynthia Mathez/Karin Suter-Erath. However, their joy was short-lived when they fell to top seeds Sarina Satomi/Yuma Yamazaki of Japan.

In the mixed doubles WH1-2, Switzerland’s hopes were dashed when Karin Suter-Erath and Luca Olgiati were defeated by Germany’s Young-Chin Mi/Valeska Knoblauch. Switzerland’s last chance for a doubles medal vanished.

Japan’s Osamu Nagashima/Atsuya Watanabe secured themselves a bronze medal after defeating Germany’s Young-Chin Mi/Thomas Wandschneider. Nagashima expressed their determination, saying, “We have a bronze, but we want the silver and, of course, the gold. The next match against Korea will be tough, so we’ll have to raise our game to beat them.”

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1. What is the significance of the BWF World Championships?
The BWF World Championships is a prestigious event that brings together the best para badminton players from around the globe. It serves as a platform for competitive excellence and showcases the growing talent in the sport.

2. How is the Para-Badminton Championships divided into categories?
The Para-Badminton Championships feature various categories, each catering to different physical impairments. These categories ensure fair competition and provide equal opportunities for athletes with varying degrees of disabilities.

3. Who are the top contenders for the gold medal in the men’s singles events?
Indonesia’s Dheva Anrimusthi and Suryo Nugroho, along with France’s Lucas Mazur, have emerged as strong contenders for the gold medal in their respective classes. However, the competition is fierce, and any player has the potential to claim victory.


The men’s singles Para badminton standing class at the BWF World Championships is a thrilling showcase of talent and determination. Athletes from around the world are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for gold. With intense matches and surprises at every turn, this championship embodies the spirit of para badminton and the pursuit of excellence.

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