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“It’s Mind-blowing!”

Anders Antonsen’s candid statement perfectly captures the incredible journey he has experienced this week and the possibilities that lie ahead for him. Tonight, on the eve of his momentous World Championship final against Kento Momota, the European badminton sensation reflects on his remarkable achievements and eagerly anticipates the future.

Anders Antonsen is one happy guy!

A Dream Becomes Reality

Like many aspiring badminton players, Antonsen, now 22, once fantasized about becoming the king of the sport. Tomorrow, that dream could become a reality. Standing strong amidst the sea of fallen competitors at the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 in Basel, Switzerland, this Danish player has become a force to be reckoned with.

Antonsen expresses his indescribable emotions, saying, “It’s something that I have dreamed about doing ever since I started to play badminton. It’s amazing.” With a resounding victory in the semifinals, he secures at least a silver medal and sets his sights on the coveted gold. However, standing in his path is the defending world champion and crowd favorite, Kento Momota.

Challenging the Champion

Antonsen takes solace in the fact that he has previously defeated Momota in the Indonesia Masters final earlier this year. He draws confidence from that victory, knowing that he has what it takes to overcome the reigning champion. Antonsen acknowledges the significance of the upcoming match, stating, “It’s always nice to have won the last encounter, so of course, I will bring that confidence tomorrow and try to enjoy that big occasion – one of the biggest matches that you can experience.”

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To add to his advantage, Antonsen will have the support of the crowd on “home ground” in Europe. Furthermore, his older brother and friends have joined him to cheer him on, creating a formidable fan base.

A Journey of Growth

Reflecting on his journey, both on and off the court, Antonsen recognizes the significant changes he has undergone in the past two years. From a promising junior with long hair and a headband to a mature athlete, he has worked tirelessly to refine his skills and decision-making abilities.

HAIR RAISING: Anders Antonsen two years ago.

Antonsen attributes his success to hard work and dedication, saying, “It’s hard work every day – in the gym and in the badminton hall and outside of the sport. I guess I’m just working towards being a grown man and more mature in every decision I make, off and on the court.”


Q: Can Anders Antonsen secure the gold medal in the World Championship final?
A: Antonsen has proven his abilities and defeated his upcoming opponent before. With the support of his fans, he has a strong chance of clinching the gold.

Q: How has Antonsen evolved as a player?
A: Antonsen has matured both physically and mentally, making him a formidable force on the court. He has made significant improvements in his decision-making and overall gameplay.

Q: What is at stake in the World Championship final?
A: The World Championship final is one of the most significant matches a badminton player can experience. Antonsen has the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream and become a world champion.


Anders Antonsen’s journey to the World Championship final is nothing short of extraordinary. From dreaming of greatness to standing on the cusp of achieving it, he has captivated audiences with his skill and determination. As he faces off against the defending champion, the badminton world eagerly awaits the outcome of this thrilling match.

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