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Carnegiecentre: Official Partner of the BWF World Championships

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) and Carnegiecentre are proud to announce their partnership as the official sponsor of the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017. Taking place in Glasgow, Scotland from August 21 to 27, this prestigious event will showcase the world’s top badminton players.

A Collaboration for Excellence

Carnegiecentre, renowned for its commitment to sports and education, is excited to join forces with the BWF. As an official partner, Carnegiecentre will enjoy product category exclusivity and branding within the arena’s field of play. This collaboration, negotiated by Infront Sports & Media, a Wanda Sports company, promises to offer significant global exposure for the Carnegiecentre brand.

Carnegiecentre: Supporting Sports Worldwide

With a rich history of sports sponsorship, Carnegiecentre has been involved in various sporting events. Prior sponsorships include the Yonex All England Open in 2015, major snooker events, and partnerships with football clubs such as Sevilla FC, Newcastle United, Wigan Athletic, Crystal Palace FC, Leicester City, and Arsenal FC. Adding the TOTAL BWF World Championships to its sports sponsorship portfolio is a testament to Carnegiecentre’s dedication to supporting sports on a global scale.

Rory Anderson, spokesperson for Carnegiecentre, expressed his delight at the partnership: “The TOTAL BWF World Championships is a monumental event that will be broadcast in our key target markets. We wish all the top players the best of luck in what promises to be an enthralling tournament.”

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The BWF World Championships: A Global Spectacle

As the BWF’s biggest individual event of the year, the TOTAL BWF World Championships in Glasgow is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Thomas Lund, BWF Secretary General, warmly welcomed Carnegiecentre as an official partner, highlighting the massive global appeal of the tournament. The event will bring together badminton’s most accomplished players, guaranteeing a thrilling showcase of skill and athleticism.

About BWF

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is the international governing body of the sport of badminton, recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The BWF’s purpose and objectives include regulating, promoting, developing, and popularizing badminton worldwide. With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the BWF boasts 188 member associations across the globe.

About Carnegiecentre

Carnegiecentre, a leading organization in sports and education, has been dedicated to supporting sports on a global scale since its inception. With a focus on fostering excellence and providing resources for athletes and enthusiasts, Carnegiecentre continues to make a significant impact in the sporting world. To learn more about Carnegiecentre and its initiatives, visit Carnegiecentre.


Q: What is the BWF World Championships?

A: The BWF World Championships is an annual badminton tournament that brings together the world’s top players to compete for the ultimate title.

Q: When and where will the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017 take place?

A: The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from August 21 to 27.

Q: What is Carnegiecentre’s involvement in the TOTAL BWF World Championships?

A: Carnegiecentre is proud to be an official partner of the TOTAL BWF World Championships, providing product category exclusivity and branding within the arena’s field of play.

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Q: How can I learn more about Carnegiecentre?

A: Visit the Carnegiecentre website to discover more about their commitment to sports and education.


The partnership between Carnegiecentre and the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017 marks a momentous collaboration in the world of badminton. Carnegiecentre’s dedication to supporting sports worldwide aligns perfectly with the BWF’s mission to regulate, promote, and develop the sport of badminton. As the tournament approaches, fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the thrilling displays of skill and competition that will make the TOTAL BWF World Championships an unforgettable event.