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Carolina Marin Makes History by Becoming Spain’s First World Champion

Carolina Marin, a 21-year-old badminton player from Spain, achieved a remarkable feat by defeating Li Xuerui in the Women’s Singles final at the BWF World Championships. This victory made her the first-ever World champion from Spain and the first world singles champion from Europe in 15 years. Despite being the ninth seed, Marin displayed exceptional skill and determination, coming from behind in both the second and third games to claim victory with a score of 17-21, 21-17, 21-18.

In a surprising turn of events, Chen Long, the No. 2 seed from China, overcame the favored Lee Chong Wei in the Men’s Singles final, securing a gold medal for his country. Although Lee Chong Wei made a valiant effort to stage a comeback, Chen Long’s powerful defense and counter-attacks proved to be too much for him to handle. The final score was 21-19, 21-19 in favor of Chen Long.

Carolina Marin
Chen Long

Marin’s victory can be attributed to her fighting spirit, powerful left-handed overhead smashes and drops, and her ability to maintain control in crucial moments. She displayed unwavering determination and refused to limit her possibilities. When Marin sealed her win with a low serve that forced a return error from Li Xuerui, the Spaniard couldn’t contain her emotions and fell to the ground in tears of joy.

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Reflecting on her achievement, Marin expressed her excitement and disbelief, stating, “I don’t really have the words because it’s so fantastic. I just set out to fight, fight, fight to the end, and now I am incredibly excited to have won the gold medal.”

Despite facing a significant deficit and Li Xuerui’s strong form, Marin managed to turn the tide of the match by winning five consecutive points in the deciding game. Li’s high error rate and the decision to remove the tapes from her leg further contributed to Marin’s confidence. The Spanish player capitalized on this opportunity and delivered her best performance of the match, ultimately securing the victory.

In the Men’s Singles final, Lee Chong Wei’s loss against Chen Long marked his third consecutive defeat in the event. Lee fought hard and showcased his skillful combination of net shots, clears, and ambushing attacks. However, Chen Long’s solid defense and powerful counter-attacks proved to be the winning formula. Despite his disappointment, Lee Chong Wei apologized, stating, “I am sorry that I didn’t win for my country. I tried my best, but I made too many mistakes.”


Q: Who won the Women’s Singles final at the BWF World Championships?
A: Carolina Marin, a player from Spain, emerged as the champion by defeating Li Xuerui.

Q: Who emerged victorious in the Men’s Singles final?
A: Chen Long from China secured the gold medal by defeating Lee Chong Wei.

Q: What made Carolina Marin’s victory remarkable?
A: Marin’s victory was significant as she became Spain’s first-ever World champion in badminton and the first world singles champion from Europe in 15 years.

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Q: How did Chen Long manage to defeat Lee Chong Wei?
A: Chen Long’s broad, tenacious defense and sudden heavy counter-attacks proved to be too much for Lee Chong Wei’s skillful combinations of net shots, clears, and ambushing attacks.


The BWF World Championships witnessed remarkable performances from Carolina Marin and Chen Long. Marin’s historic victory has put Spain on the world badminton map, while Chen Long’s triumph has solidified China’s dominance in the sport. Both players displayed immense skill, determination, and composure under pressure, making the championships an unforgettable event for badminton enthusiasts worldwide. For more information on the BWF World Championships and other badminton news, visit Carnegiecentre.