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Michelle Li’s Triumph and the Challenges Faced in the TOTAL BWF World Championships

Michelle Li, the Canadian badminton player, returned to the stage of her greatest triumph at the Emirates Arena. However, in the opening Women’s Singles round of the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2017, she faced a stern test from Bulgaria’s Linda Zetchiri.

Li, who won the gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, had cherished memories of her past success. But as the match began, she found it difficult to control the shuttles. Zetchiri troubled Li with her tricky left-handed shots, reminiscent of their last encounter at the World Championships in 2013. Despite the initial struggle, Li managed to turn the match around with a score of 16-21, 21-17, 21-16. This victory set up an appointment for Li with young Chinese player Chen Xiaoxin.

Li expressed her difficulty with the slow shuttles, saying, “It was a struggle, the shuttles are very slow. I’m not used to heavy and slow shuttles, and I had a lot of trouble finding depth. I was hitting it short and then I started hitting it out. It was very tough.” Despite the challenges faced in the match, Li feels great fitness-wise but wasn’t able to utilize it due to the slow shuttles.

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She attributed her difficulties to Zetchiri’s unique left-handed shots, saying, “She’s left-handed and her shots are unique, and I’m not used to her strokes. I had a tough time adjusting to her left hand and her skill. Towards the end, I was comfortable with her but not with myself.” However, Li’s memories of winning at Emirates Arena motivated her to give her best performance in the current tournament.

Apart from Li, her compatriot Rachel Honderich also secured a place in the second round by defeating USA’s Iris Wang with a score of 21-13, 21-18. Honderich admitted being nervous about the match but managed to stay patient and emerged victorious.

In the other Women’s Singles matches, Switzerland’s Sabrina Jaquet, Germany’s Luise Heim, and Russia’s Evgeniya Kosetskaya emerged as winners.

In the Mixed Doubles category, the match between France’s Ronan Labar/Audrey Fontaine and Indonesia’s Irfan Fadhilah/Weni Anggraini was the closest of the opening session. After multiple match points for both sides, Labar’s risk-taking paid off, securing victory with a score of 21-13, 11-21, 27-25. Labar/Fontaine will now face Tan Kian Meng/Lai Pei Jing in the second round.

Meanwhile, Jordan Corvee/Anne Tran, also from France, couldn’t make it past the first hurdle, falling to the Dutch pair Jacco Arends/Selena Piek with a score of 21-12, 21-18.

In the Men’s Singles category, top seed Son Wan Ho from Korea and India’s Kidambi Srikanth had smooth sailing through the first round. Son Wan Ho faced Finland’s Kalle Koljonen with a score of 21-14, 21-16, while Srikanth defeated Russia’s Sergey Sirant with a score of 21-13, 21-12.

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England’s Lauren Smith/Sarah Walker secured a victory in the Women’s Doubles category, defeating Germany’s Lisa Kaminski/Hannah Pohl with a score of 21-10, 26-24.

Chinese Taipei had a successful start as both their pairs advanced in the Women’s Doubles category. Chang Ching Hui/Yang Ching Tun defeated USA’s Eva Lee/Paula Lynn Obanana, while Cheng Yu Chieh/Hu Ling Fang stopped Italy’s Silvia Garino/Lisa Iversen.

Estonia’s Kristin Kuuba/Helina Ruutel had a surprising victory over Germany’s Johanna Goliszewski/Lara Kaepplein with a score of 21-15, 21-15.

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  • Q: Who won the Women’s Singles round in the BWF World Championships?

    • A: Michelle Li and Rachel Honderich from Canada secured victories in the Women’s Singles round.
  • Q: Which pairing faced a close match in the Mixed Doubles category?

    • A: France’s Ronan Labar/Audrey Fontaine and Indonesia’s Irfan Fadhilah/Weni Anggraini had a thrilling match, with Labar/Fontaine emerging as the winners.
  • Q: How did the top seeds perform in the Men’s Singles category?

    • A: Top seed Son Wan Ho from Korea and India’s Kidambi Srikanth had comfortable wins in the Men’s Singles category.


The opening rounds of the TOTAL BWF World Championships showcased the determination and skill of the players. Despite facing challenges, athletes like Michelle Li and Rachel Honderich rose to the occasion and secured victories. The tournament promises to be an exciting display of badminton talent and sportsmanship. For updates and further information, visit