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Emotional Victory at the BWF World Championships

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The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2015 kicked off with an exhilarating Women’s Singles match that left players and spectators moved. Linda Zetchiri from Bulgaria, ranked 34th, triumphed over Germany’s Karin Schnaase (ranked 25th) in a nail-biting three-game battle. However, it was not just the victory that stirred emotions; it was the memory of Zetchiri’s late grandfather that brought her to tears.

Remembering a Beloved Grandfather

Zetchiri’s win was bittersweet as thoughts of her grandfather, who passed away two months ago, overwhelmed her. She tearfully dedicated her success to him, reminiscing about their strong connection and his unwavering support for her sports career. Zetchiri’s heartfelt dedication resonated with the audience, who could feel the love and admiration she had for her late grandfather.

Rising Above Grief to Compete

When asked if her grandfather’s death had affected her preparation for the championships, Zetchiri acknowledged the lingering pain but emphasized her determination to focus on the present. She understood that grieving is an ongoing process but chose to channel her energy into doing her best on the badminton court. Zetchiri expressed gratitude for the opportunity to showcase her skills and the support she received from the enthusiastic crowd.

The Next Challenge for Zetchiri

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Zetchiri’s journey at the BWF World Championships continues as she faces the formidable Bae Yeon Ju from Korea in the next round. Both left-handed players, this match promises to be an exciting clash of skill and strategy. Zetchiri’s previous victory serves as a testament to her resilience, and fans eagerly anticipate her upcoming performance.

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In other matches of the session, Turkey’s Ozge Bayrak emerged victorious against Malaysia’s Lyddia Cheah, and USA’s Iris Wang surprised England’s Fontaine Mica Chapman. Additionally, Switzerland’s Sabrina Jacquet and Zetchiri’s compatriot, Petya Nedelcheva, displayed exceptional resilience to overcome their opponents.


Q: What is the significance of the BWF World Championships?

A: The BWF World Championships is an esteemed badminton event where players strive to showcase their skills and compete against the world’s best.

Q: How did Linda Zetchiri pay tribute to her late grandfather?

A: Linda Zetchiri dedicated her opening match victory at the championships to her late grandfather, expressing her deep love and appreciation for his support throughout her sporting journey.


The emotional impact of Linda Zetchiri’s victory at the BWF World Championships 2015 reverberated throughout the badminton community. Her ability to rise above personal grief and deliver an outstanding performance demonstrated her strength of character and determination. As Zetchiri continues her journey in the championships, fans eagerly await her future matches, inspired by her resilience and heartfelt dedication. To stay updated on all the latest badminton news, visit Carnegiecentre.