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BWF World Championships: The Exciting Journey to the Main Draw

The group matches have concluded, paving the way for the athletes to enter the main draw of the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019. As the players prepare for the next crucial step towards their respective titles, there is an overall sense of satisfaction and anticipation.

Krysten Coombs Triumphs in Men’s Singles SS6

Hiroshi Murayama

Krysten Coombs from England emerged as the leader of his men’s singles SS6 group after a convincing win against Niall McVeigh of Ireland with a score of 21-13, 21-10. Coombs, feeling optimistic about his performance, shared, “We’ve had previous battles. In the first game, it took some time to get into the rhythm, but by the second game, I started to feel right. Although I accidentally hit him on the top of his eye with a backhand shot, I’m glad I could finally get going. I’m looking forward to the week ahead.”

Niall McVeigh, who lost to Coombs and secured the second spot in the group, had previously won the World Champion SS6 title back in 2011. Reflecting on his match against Coombs, McVeigh expressed his admiration, saying, “I always have a great time playing Krysten. The game has evolved significantly over the years. When I first started, there were only about seven of us in our category, but now, there are more than 30. Back home, I have to train full time because everyone is so good, and there is fierce competition.”

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David Toupe Shines in Men’s Singles WH1

David Toupe from France took the lead in his men’s singles WH1 group by defeating Malaysia’s Muhammad Ikhwan Ramli with a score of 21-14, 21-18. Toupe, pleased with his performance, revealed his tactics, saying, “The last time we met, he pushed me to three games. So, this victory feels good. I focused on pushing him to hit shots to the back, and that helped me gain points.”

Japan’s Daiki Kajiwara and Hiroshi Murayama Triumph in Men’s Doubles WH1-2

In the men’s doubles WH1-2 category, Japan’s Daiki Kajiwara and Hiroshi Murayama secured a spot in the next round by defeating Vietnam’s Hoang Giang Manh and Truong Ngoc Binh with a score of 21-11, 21-9. Murayama expressed his delight, stating, “This was our first time playing against the Vietnam pair, so we were a bit worried. To prepare, we watched videos of their matches. But everything worked out, and we’re really happy to move forward.”

Chan Ho Yuen and Kim Jungjun Advance Towards the Finals

Chan Ho Yuen from Hong Kong, China, and Korea’s Kim Jungjun both progressed to the elimination rounds. If their plans unfold as expected, they will face each other in the finals. Chan defeated Ilya Pargeev of Russia with a score of 21-11, 21-5, while Kim triumphed over Switzerland’s Luca Olgiati with a score of 21-13, 21-8.

Talking Point: Thailand’s Watcharaphon Chok-Uthaikul and Pricha Somsiri

Thailand's Watcharaphon Chok-Uthaikul

Thailand’s Watcharaphon Chok-Uthaikul, in partnership with Pricha Somsiri, won an exciting match against India’s Chirag Baretha and Sumith Kumar Garg in the men’s doubles SU5 category. The final score was 22-20, 21-18. Reflecting on their performance, Watcharaphon Chok-Uthaikul commented, “We think we’re doing well overall. India is usually strong, but this time their smashes were not too difficult to handle, so we received them well and gained the victory. We have China next before the next round, but the toughest pair will be the Indonesians Dheva and Hafizh.”

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Q: When is the next round of the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019?

A: The exact date and time for the next round of the championships have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates on the Carnegiecentre website.

Q: Where can I find the complete schedule of the championships?

A: For the complete schedule of the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019, visit the Carnegiecentre website here.

Q: Who are the top contenders for the men’s singles title?

A: The top contenders for the men’s singles title will be determined as the championships progress. Keep an eye on the Carnegiecentre website for updates and insights.


The group matches of the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019 have concluded, setting the stage for an exhilarating journey in the main draw. Players like Krysten Coombs, David Toupe, Daiki Kajiwara, Hiroshi Murayama, Chan Ho Yuen, and Kim Jungjun have showcased their skills and determination. Stay tuned to the Carnegiecentre website for live updates, match highlights, and exclusive interviews with the athletes as the championships unfold.