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The TOTAL BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2019 is set to take place in Basel, Switzerland from August 20 to August 25, 2019. This exciting event will bring together over 300 athletes from 49 different nations, making it a truly global gathering of badminton talent.

A Historic Occasion

This 12th edition of the Para-Badminton World Championships will be particularly special, as it will be held concurrently with the TOTAL BWF World Championships at the same venue for the first time since the event’s inception in 1998. This simultaneous hosting of both championships is a unique milestone in the history of world sports, and it presents an excellent opportunity to showcase the fast-paced, dynamic, and powerful sport of badminton to a broader audience.

Local star Karin Suter-Erath

Warm Welcome and Gratitude

During his welcome speech, BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer expressed his gratitude to Swiss Badminton, the city of Basel, and the Basel 2019 organizing committee for their hard work and dedication in hosting these two high-profile events simultaneously. This collaborative effort demonstrates the commitment to promoting badminton as a premier sport in Switzerland.

Athletes’ Excitement and Expectations

The athletes themselves have expressed their enthusiasm for this unique situation. Karin Suter-Erath of Switzerland, speaking at the welcome press conference, acknowledged the significance of the media interest generated by the simultaneous hosting of these championships. As a Para badminton athlete, she sees this as a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness and visibility for her sport.

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Jack Shephard (right) finds time for a selfie with Nozomi Okuhara of Japan

Leani Ratri Oktila of Indonesia, the current No.1-ranked player in the women’s singles standing lower (SL4) category, shared similar sentiments. She expressed her intention to make the most of this unique opportunity by not only competing but also observing and learning from the able-bodied athletes, in order to improve her own game.

Jack Shephard of England, the reigning SS6 men’s singles world champion, echoed the same sentiment. He believes that the coexistence of both events will contribute to the growth and development of Para badminton. Shephard is looking forward to watching the matches and gaining insights from the able-bodied athletes, with the aim of incorporating some of their skills into his gameplay.

Towards the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

While the excitement surrounding the simultaneous hosting of these championships is palpable, much attention is also focused on the inclusion of Para badminton in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Yuma Yamazaki of Japan acknowledged the significance of these events taking place together, as it provides a final opportunity for all athletes to come together before they embark on their quest for the Olympics and Paralympics.

Karin Suter-Erath

Yamazaki, who is currently ranked No.1 in the women’s doubles wheelchair (WH1-WH2) category with partner Sarina Satomi, emphasized the honor of competing in Tokyo 2020. The able-bodied Japan team is focused on the Olympics, and now the Para badminton team is following suit. This alignment reflects their commitment to representing their country and achieving sporting excellence at the highest level.

Suter-Erath, who will compete in both the women’s singles (WH1) category and the WH1-WH2 women’s doubles with Cynthia Mathez, expressed her anticipation for these upcoming events. She sees them as the two biggest highlights of her career, and she has been training relentlessly for this moment. With the qualification process still underway, Suter-Erath aims to deliver her best performance and secure a place in Tokyo 2020.

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A Platform for Excellence

Fans attending these championships can expect to witness some of the highest-level badminton matches as all athletes have come to Basel with the determination to fulfill their ambitions. Whether it is to become a world champion or to accumulate qualifying points for Tokyo 2020, every player is poised to showcase their skills and compete at their best.

Jack Shephard

Jack Shephard, in particular, is excited about the competition, acknowledging the changes that have occurred in the game since his victory in 2017. He remains confident in his current form and believes he is well-prepared to deliver another exceptional performance on the court.

Leani Ratri Oktila is determined to achieve her best possible results at this event as it serves as valuable preparation for her quest to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. Her hard work and dedication over the past few years have been leading up to this moment, and she hopes to secure a victory and qualify for Tokyo 2020.

Raj Kumar, an Indian specialist in the men’s doubles standing upper (SU5) category, is also eager to make his mark at this championship. He expressed admiration for the newly-renovated St. Jakobshalle in Basel, praising it as the ideal venue for Para badminton. He looks forward to both competing and watching the matches of the able-bodied athletes.


Q: When and where will the TOTAL BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2019 take place?
A: The championships will be held in Basel, Switzerland from August 20 to August 25, 2019.

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Q: How many athletes will participate in this event?
A: Over 300 athletes from 49 nations will come together to compete in the championships.

Q: Is this the first time the Para badminton world championships are being held concurrently with the TOTAL BWF World Championships?
A: Yes, this 12th edition marks the first time that both championships are being held simultaneously since the inaugural event in 1998.


The TOTAL BWF Para-Badminton World Championships 2019, taking place alongside the TOTAL BWF World Championships, presents a unique and exciting opportunity for the badminton community. This historic event not only showcases the skills and dedication of the athletes but also serves as a stepping stone towards the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. The athletes are ready to give their all, and fans can expect a week filled with thrilling matches and memorable performances.