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BWF World Championships 2022: Thet Htar Thuzar’s Journey on the Badminton Circuit

Thet Htar Thuzar, ranked 73rd in the world, had an impressive victory against Michelle Li at the Korea Masters in April, making it a standout moment in her otherwise modest season. As she prepares for the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2022, Thet hopes to showcase her skills that led to her triumph over the world No. 13. In her opening round in Tokyo, she will face off against another Canadian player, Zhang Wen Yu.

Training and Determination

“After the last World Championships, I focused on training with my father. In April, I started participating in tournaments, starting with the Korea Masters. Winning my first round against Michelle Li was a significant achievement for me. My training was on point, and I was in good physical condition. I played well, and I managed to beat her,” says the soft-spoken Thet Htar Thuzar from Myanmar.

Overcoming Challenges

Thet faced numerous challenges in the past couple of years, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the badminton circuit and ongoing crises in her homeland. Despite these obstacles, she showed promise in 2020, clinching a title win at the Uganda International. The following year, she only participated in two events: the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the World Championships in Spain. This year, however, has been better for Thet as she made a comeback in April and competed in six events leading up to the World Championships.

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Support and Aspirations

Thet expresses her gratitude to Badminton Asia for their continuous support over the past few years. Her goal is now set on Paris 2024. She has been working hard to improve her ranking, which dropped from 57 to 73 due to the pandemic. Along with the backing of her family, friends, and those around her, Thet faces the main challenge of securing funding for her tournament participation.

A Global Journey

Despite the difficulties, Thet is thrilled to be part of the badminton circuit, finding meaning in the places she visits and the people she encounters along the way.

“As I attend international tournaments, I have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. It’s wonderful to engage with players and individuals from different countries. I have made many friends across the globe. Badminton has taught me that if you don’t achieve what you desire, you must keep trying relentlessly,” Thet reflects.

Thet Htar Thuzar


Q: What was Thet Htar Thuzar’s notable victory in the 2022 badminton season?
A: Thet Htar Thuzar stood out with her defeat of Michelle Li at the Korea Masters in April.

Q: What challenges has Thet faced in her badminton career?
A: Thet has encountered difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the circuit and ongoing crises in her homeland.

Q: What are Thet’s aspirations in badminton?
A: Thet’s ultimate goal is to compete in the Paris 2024 Olympics, and she is determined to improve her ranking and perform well on the World Tour.

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Thet Htar Thuzar’s journey in the world of badminton has seen its fair share of obstacles and triumphs. With the support of Badminton Asia and her loved ones, she is determined to overcome challenges, improve her ranking, and strive for success. Thet’s passion for the sport and her ability to connect with people around the world make her a true ambassador for badminton. Follow her journey on Carnegiecentre to stay updated on her progress in the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2022 and beyond.