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Lee Chong Wei Dominates in Opening Victory at Li-Ning BWF World Championships

Lee Chong Wei’s impressive start and a surprising defeat for a potential challenger stole the spotlight on the first evening of the Li-Ning BWF World Championships in Copenhagen. In what could be his best opportunity to win the Men’s Singles title, the Malaysian maestro convincingly defeated Korea’s Lee Dong Keun, suggesting that his extensive preparations have paid off.


On the other hand, Kashyap Parupalli, who recently experienced the euphoria of winning the Commonwealth Games, suffered a tough loss to Dieter Domke, a German player ranked outside the top 40. Parupalli’s defeat, with a scoreline of 26-24 13-21 21-18, is a reminder of his previous Thomas Cup failure against the same opponent in May. As a result, Domke will now face Lee Chong Wei in the second round at Ballerup Super Arena.

Lee Chong Wei, the world’s number one player, displayed a higher ratio of fast airborne attacks in his game against his Korean opponent. His movement on the court was exceptional, even by his own light-footed standards, and there were no noticeable signs of his long-lasting groin injury. Lee’s spectacular and penetrating attacks allowed him to quickly turn the tables from being 3-4 down to winning the first game at 11-4. This dominant performance fueled the dreams of his millions of fans, who are now wondering what might happen in the coming week. With notable players like China’s Lin Dan, Japan’s Kenichi Tago, and Indonesia’s Simon Santoso not participating, the veteran shuttler may never have a better chance at winning the highly coveted title.

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It has been two months since Lee last competed, where he suffered a loss to Tago in Indonesia. However, there was no lack of match sharpness or mental freshness, which was evident in his buoyant responses to the media. When asked if this was his best chance to finally secure the world title, Lee declined to fully agree, stating that he will “try his best” and that he was pleased with his aggressive performance in the match. He also admitted that he can still feel the injury but believes he has “nothing to lose.”

In contrast, Parupalli appeared to be the favorite for victory when he quickly recovered from a four-point deficit in the third game. However, Domke, known for his tenacity, fought back and emerged victorious by sheer determination.

Moving on to other matches, two other seeded players in Lee’s half of the draw also advanced without any major challenges. Wang Zhengming, the sixth-seeded Chinese player, comfortably defeated Michal Rogalski of Poland, setting up a potential quarterfinal clash with the Malaysian. Jan Jorgensen, the third-ranked player in the world who is known for his exceptional performance on home soil, outplayed Maxime Moreels of Belgium. Jorgensen, who recently won his first Indonesia Open Superseries title and defeated Lin Dan, could potentially face Lee Chong Wei in the semi-finals.

In other news, Vladimir Ivanov of Russia had a disappointing day as he suffered losses in both Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles matches. He was defeated by Petr Koukal of the Czech Republic in the singles event, and together with Ivan Sozonov, he lost to hometown pair Mads Conrad-Petersen and Mads Pieler Kolding in the doubles event.

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On a positive note, Cheng Wen Hsing and her Mixed Doubles partner, Chen Hung Ling, triumphed in both of their matches. The Chinese Taipei duo secured victories against Sam and Chloe Magee of Ireland, and they also advanced in the Women’s Doubles and Men’s Doubles events with their respective partners.


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The opening day of the Li-Ning BWF World Championships showcased the dominance of Lee Chong Wei in his quest for the Men’s Singles title. With a convincing victory over Lee Dong Keun, Lee displayed his exceptional skills and proved that his preparations were well worth it. As the competition progresses, fans eagerly anticipate whether Lee Chong Wei can seize this opportunity and finally claim the world title that has eluded him. Stay tuned for more thrilling matches and remarkable performances at the championships.