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The Triumph of Kenta Nishimoto at the BWF World Championships

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Anders Antonsen, a talented badminton player, experienced a surprising defeat on the opening day of the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2022. Antonsen, the third seed, lost to Kenta Nishimoto, a local favorite, in a thrilling match. Even though Antonsen had the advantage of coming back from injury, Nishimoto’s skill and determination led him to victory.

A Dramatic Battle on the Court

During the closing stages of the match, Antonsen faced the pressure of being down five match points. However, he displayed exceptional resilience by saving four of them. Nishimoto, in an attempt to disrupt Antonsen’s momentum, even resorted to requesting a shoelace redo from the umpire. Ultimately, on the fifth match point, Nishimoto emerged as the victor, unleashing his pent-up emotions in celebration.

Antonsen’s Perspective

Antonsen, a previous runner-up and bronze medallist, acknowledged his early exit from the tournament. He attributed his defeat to a pulled abdominal muscle in May, which took two months to recover from. Antonsen expressed disappointment about the rustiness affecting his game due to the time off court. Nonetheless, he maintained a positive mindset and appreciated the opportunity to compete again.

The Turning Point

Antonsen, known for his consistent play, struggled with a series of mistakes when the score was tied at 15-all in the second game. These errors provided Nishimoto with a significant advantage, ultimately leading to his victory. Antonsen recognized the need for more match practice to regain his sharpness and decision-making abilities.

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Looking Ahead

Despite the setback, Antonsen remained optimistic. He acknowledged that there is a long road ahead and expressed his hope for continuous improvement in his performance. Antonsen’s defeat serves as a reminder of the importance of consistent training and match experience.


Q: What was the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships?
A: The TotalEnergies BWF World Championships is a prestigious badminton tournament featuring top players from around the world.

Q: How did Kenta Nishimoto secure victory against Anders Antonsen?
A: Kenta Nishimoto employed strategic tactics and capitalized on Anders Antonsen’s rustiness to secure the win.

Q: Will Anders Antonsen bounce back from this defeat?
A: Only time will tell, but Antonsen’s determination and commitment to training suggest that he will bounce back stronger.


The TotalEnergies BWF World Championships saw an exhilarating upset as Kenta Nishimoto triumphed over Anders Antonsen. This thrilling match serves as a reminder of the fierce competition and unpredictability that makes badminton such an exciting sport. As both players continue to evolve and grow in their careers, their paths may cross again in future tournaments, showcasing the resilience and skill of these remarkable athletes.

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