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Switzerland’s Sabrina Jaquet to Play Last World Championships in Basel

Switzerland’s Sabrina Jaquet will have the honor of playing her tenth and final World Championships on home soil when the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 kick-off in Basel. This achievement is even more special for Jaquet as she had faced numerous injuries in the past. Two years ago, when she heard that Basel would host the event, she made it her goal to participate. Now, she is thrilled to be fit and ready to give her best performance.

Sabrina Jaquet

Jaquet reflects on her journey, stating that playing in Basel holds a special place in her heart. She has always performed well at the Swiss Open held in the same hall, thanks to the slow shuttle speed that favors her style of play. With her experience on the circuit, Jaquet stands out among her female contemporaries, with only a few still active. She started her career as a doubles player before transitioning to singles, which is not the conventional path for players from smaller countries.

“How have I managed to stay motivated for nearly fifteen years?” Jaquet ponders. “It’s simply because of my passion for badminton. Despite the sport’s small presence in Switzerland, I love playing and it has become a significant part of my life. The international circuit has allowed me to learn and grow as an individual. I’ve gained invaluable experiences, learned multiple languages, and it has shaped me into who I am today.”

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Antonsen Eyes Podium Finish

Chou Tien Chen and Anders Antonsen

As the World Championships draw near, the top contenders express their confidence and goals for the upcoming event. Men’s singles defending champion, Kento Momota, recognizes the difference this year as he enters as the top seed. He remains focused on taking it one match at a time, acknowledging the importance of the Para-Badminton World Championships being held alongside the World Championships.

Anders Antonsen, runner-up at the Indonesia Open, sets his sights on a medal and states that anything less would leave him disappointed. Chou Tien Chen, the second seed in men’s singles, arrives in Basel with recent title wins in Indonesia and Thailand. He hopes to convert his current form into a strong performance at the World Championships, emphasizing the importance of maintaining focus throughout the week.


1. How many World Championships has Sabrina Jaquet played?
Sabrina Jaquet will be playing her tenth and final World Championships in Basel.

2. What is Sabrina Jaquet’s background in badminton?
Sabrina Jaquet initially started as a doubles player before transitioning to singles later in her career.

3. What is the significance of the slow shuttle speed in Basel for Sabrina Jaquet?
The slow shuttle speed in Basel’s hall has always favored Sabrina Jaquet’s style of play, allowing her to perform well in previous tournaments held there.


Sabrina Jaquet’s journey in badminton has been fueled by her passion for the sport. As she prepares for her final World Championships, she reflects on the valuable experiences and lessons she has gained throughout her career. In addition to Jaquet, top contenders like Kento Momota, Anders Antonsen, and Chou Tien Chen are ready to showcase their skills and strive for success at the World Championships. The badminton world eagerly awaits the exciting matches that will unfold in Basel. To stay updated with the latest news and updates, visit Carnegiecentre.

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