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BWF World Championships: A Look Back at 1995

In 1995, the BWF World Championships took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, creating memorable moments that still resonate today. It was an event filled with excitement, fierce competition, and unexpected victories.

Hariyanto Arbi’s Unforgettable Triumph

Hariyanto Arbi, the renowned Indonesian athlete known for his powerful smash, emerged as the victor in the men’s singles category. Arbi’s path to victory was not an easy one. Prior to the championships, he faced a demoralizing loss in the Sudirman Cup final to China’s Sun Jun.

The Sudirman Cup and the World Championships were held together back then, presenting a significant challenge for stamina. Arbi’s confidence took a hit after his defeat to Sun Jun. However, he chose to adopt a positive mindset, embracing the experience and eagerly seeking an opportunity for redemption.

Overcoming Challenges and Rising to the Occasion

Arbi’s journey was filled with unexpected twists and turns. Sun Jun, who had defeated Arbi in the Sudirman Cup, surprisingly lost in the third round to Korea’s Ahn Jae Chang. Despite winning all his matches in straight games, Arbi entered the final with doubts about his physical condition.

Reflecting on the final, Arbi admits feeling greater pressure and accepting the possibility of defeat. He resolved to give his best, even though his body was fatigued. Facing Korea’s Park Sung Woo, whom he had previously lost to at the Thomas Cup, Arbi experienced a mix of nervousness and determination.

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Evolution of the World Championships

When Arbi looks back at the 1995 World Championships, he acknowledges the immense changes that have occurred in the tournament since then. He commends the improved quality of play and organization, highlighting the continuous growth and development of the championships.

Arbi’s passion for badminton remains strong, evident in his continued presence at major tournaments in Jakarta. Witnessing the Indonesia Open and similar competitions reignites his desire to step back onto the court. He acknowledges that the sport’s demands were higher in his time, mainly due to the different scoring system.


Q: How did Hariyanto Arbi’s victory impact his career?
A: Arbi’s victory in the 1995 BWF World Championships solidified his place among badminton legends. It showcased his skill, determination, and ability to overcome challenges.

Q: Are there any significant changes in the World Championships since 1995?
A: Yes, the World Championships have evolved significantly. The quality of play has improved, and the organization of the tournament has become more refined over the years.


The 1995 BWF World Championships will always be remembered as a remarkable chapter in badminton history. Hariyanto Arbi’s triumph, despite facing adversity, serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. The tournament’s growth and transformation demonstrate the sport’s continuous evolution and its ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

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