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BWF World Championships: Exciting Matches and Top Performances

The TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019 has been full of exhilarating matches and outstanding performances. On Day 3 of the tournament, the women showcased their skills on the courts with great determination. Let’s dive into some of the highlights!

Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar Reigns Supreme

Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar, the reigning women’s singles SL3 world champion and top seed from India, displayed her prowess by defeating Katarzyna Ziebik of Poland with a score of 21-13 21-7. Parmar emphasized the importance of controlling the shuttle to avoid any errors. She acknowledged the challenge posed by her upcoming opponent, Wannaphatdee Kamtam, whom she previously defeated for the crown in 2017. Parmar, at the age of 46, relies on her experience and maturity to make better decisions on the court.

Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar

Valeska Knoblauch Dominates

Valeska Knoblauch, the World No. 1 women’s singles WH1 player from Germany, is ready to take on any challenger. With a resounding victory of 21-8 21-9 against Russia’s Nataliia Prokofeva, Knoblauch showed her fitness and strength. She remains confident in her abilities and aims to continue delivering exceptional performances.

Pilar Jaurequi Cancino’s Triumph

Peruvian player Pilar Jaurequi Cancino secured a victory in her last group match against Chinese Taipei’s Yang I-Chen in the women’s singles wheelchair WH2 category, with a score of 21-17 21-8. Cancino highlighted the technical skill emphasized in Para badminton training in Peru. However, the lack of access to specialized wheelchairs puts them at a disadvantage when competing on the international stage.

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Cheng Hefang and Ma Huihui’s Impressive Win

China’s Cheng Hefang and Ma Huihui demonstrated their dominance in the women’s doubles SL3-SU5 category. They swiftly defeated Oksana Kozyna and Ivanna Redka of Poland in just 16 minutes, with a score of 21-7 21-6. Although Ma is often considered the doubles specialist, their partnership thrives due to effective communication and strategic planning during matches.

What’s Next?

Cheng Hefang and Ma Huihui are confident in their journey to the finals, but they recognize the challenge that awaits them in Indonesia’s Leani Ratri Oktila and Khalimatus Sadiyah Sukohandoko. The Chinese pair identifies Oktila as the player to watch out for due to her incredible strength on the court.


Q1: Who is the reigning women’s singles SL3 world champion and top seed?
A1: Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar from India holds the title and top seed.

Q2: Which player is the World No. 1 in the women’s singles WH1 category?
A2: Valeska Knoblauch from Germany is the current World No. 1 in the women’s singles WH1 category.

Q3: How did Cheng Hefang and Ma Huihui perform in the women’s doubles SL3-SU5 category?
A3: Cheng Hefang and Ma Huihui from China displayed their dominance by winning their matches convincingly.


The women’s matches at the TOTAL BWF World Para-Badminton Championships 2019 have been nothing short of captivating. Players like Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar, Valeska Knoblauch, Pilar Jaurequi Cancino, and Cheng Hefang/Ma Huihui have showcased their skills and determination. As the tournament continues, fans eagerly anticipate more thrilling encounters on the badminton courts.

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