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Coaching Insights for Success in BWF World Championships

News | BWF World Championships

Leading women’s singles coach Kim Ji Hyun believes that coaching is like being a doctor, diagnosing problems and finding solutions. With the upcoming TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019, she faces the challenge of helping her talented player, Pusarla V Sindhu, reach her full potential.

Developing Skills for Success

Kim recognizes Sindhu’s power and physique but emphasizes the need for further skill development. According to Kim, being smart is crucial at the top level of the game. It requires a combination of technique, hitting ability, and mentality. Kim is currently working with Sindhu on improving her net skills, deception, and overall tactical approach to ensure success in the Championships.

News | BWF World Championships

Adapting Tactics for Success

Kim highlights the importance of adapting tactics in order to have a chance at winning in the World Championships. Playing the same kind of game repeatedly limits opportunities for success. Kim also mentions Akane Yamaguchi and Tai Tzu Ying as players to watch at the Championships, praising their skills, smartness, and fitness.

The Evolution of the Game

Kim reflects on her time as a player alongside badminton legends like Susi Susanti, Bang Soo Hyun, Camilla Martin, Gong Ruina, and Gong Zhichao. She acknowledges that the game has become faster, but in her era, greater fitness was required. Kim believes that today’s game offers more variety, with shorter but more attacking matches. She emphasizes that starting slow leaves no chance for success.

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News | BWF World Championships

The Role of a Coach

For Kim, being a coach goes beyond technical support. She sees herself as a motivator and counselor, emphasizing the importance of trust between coach and player. Kim aims to create a positive atmosphere for her player, using creative and diverse exercises to keep training engaging. The coach-player relationship is a partnership where both sides win or lose together. Kim believes that coaching is not just about teaching badminton skills but also about imparting life skills such as respect, attitude, and loyalty.


Q: Who are the players to watch in the BWF World Championships?
A: According to Kim Ji Hyun, Akane Yamaguchi and Tai Tzu Ying are the players to keep an eye on due to their exceptional skills, smartness, and fitness.

Q: How has the game of badminton evolved over the years?
A: Kim Ji Hyun highlights that the game has become faster and more attacking, with more variety in playing styles. Matches are shorter now, requiring a consistent performance from players.


Kim Ji Hyun’s insights provide valuable guidance for players and coaches aiming for success in the BWF World Championships. By focusing on skill development, tactical adaptability, and the right mindset, players can elevate their game to the highest level. With Kim’s expertise and dedication, Pusarla V Sindhu and the Indian team have a strong foundation to face the challenges ahead.

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