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News | BWF World Championships

A World Championships that began under challenging circumstances ended with incredible milestones being achieved.

The Li-Ning BWF World Championships 2014 will be remembered for its epic moments, history-defining scenes, and captivating matches that unfolded in the Ballerup Super Arena. This tournament showcased new champions, promised more excitement to come, and witnessed legendary performances from seasoned players.

Spain celebrated its first-ever World badminton champion, while China’s Zhao Yunlei made a stunning record. The Men’s Doubles finale provided a heart-stopping showdown. These achievements overshadowed the absences of various stars due to injuries or illnesses.

Carolina Marin became the Women’s Singles champion, showcasing Spain’s arrival on the world stage. Her tactical astuteness and impressive gameplay led her to victory. Marin’s triumph marked a significant milestone as the first European winner since 1999.

The tournament featured renowned players from different countries, making the outcome unpredictable. The Men’s Doubles final saw Shin Baek Choel and Ko Sung Hyun emerge as unexpected winners, defeating their compatriots in a thrilling match.

In the Men’s Singles final, Lee Chong Wei faced a formidable opponent in Chen Long, who displayed an exceptional level of play and claimed the gold medal.

Zhao Yunlei achieved a remarkable feat by winning two gold medals in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles, becoming the only player to simultaneously hold double titles at the Olympics and World Championships.

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The BWF President, Poul-Erik Høyer, commended the conduct of the Championships, highlighting the emergence of new stars and the endurance of seasoned competitors. He praised the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers for creating a world-class event.

This edition of the BWF World Championships showcased the best of badminton, providing entertainment, suspense, and a brilliant advertisement for the sport.

Q: Who was the first-ever World badminton champion from Spain?

A: Carolina Marin became Spain’s first-ever World badminton champion.

Q: Who won the Men’s Doubles final at the Li-Ning BWF World Championships 2014?

A: Shin Baek Choel and Ko Sung Hyun emerged victorious in the Men’s Doubles final.

Q: Did Lee Chong Wei win the Men’s Singles final?

A: No, Chen Long defeated Lee Chong Wei in the Men’s Singles final.

The Li-Ning BWF World Championships 2014 witnessed remarkable achievements and thrilling matches. Spain’s Carolina Marin became the first-ever World badminton champion from her country. Shin Baek Choel and Ko Sung Hyun surprised everyone by winning the Men’s Doubles final. Chen Long clinched the Men’s Singles gold medal, defeating Lee Chong Wei. Zhao Yunlei made history by simultaneously holding double titles in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. The event showcased the best of badminton and received praise for its organization and the emergence of new stars.