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Anders Antonsen, a prominent badminton player, is getting ready for the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023 in Copenhagen. While living just five minutes away from the Royal Arena, the venue for the event, may seem advantageous, Antonsen understands that it could create a false sense of comfort. That’s why he has chosen to stay in a hotel during the championships. Antonsen hopes that this change of environment will help him stay focused and in the zone. He acknowledges that there are both positive and negative aspects of competing on home soil, and he wants to be aware of them all.

For the Danish athletes, dealing with expectations and distractions can be challenging. There are many people seeking their attention and trying to get tickets to the event. It can be overwhelming and draining to respond to everyone. Viktor Axelsen, another Danish player and one of the favorites in the tournament, emphasizes the importance of staying “cold” and blocking out distractions during the preparations. Axelsen acknowledges the immense pressure on him to perform well and win, but he tries to enjoy the journey.

Mia Blichfeldt, a Danish women’s singles player, recognizes that this championship is a unique opportunity in her career. She is mentally preparing herself by imagining that she is playing in Asia, away from the added pressure of competing at home. Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, who have previously participated in the World Championships in Copenhagen, feel confident and look forward to the event. They see themselves in a different role this time and have higher expectations of themselves.

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Each player has their own approach to handling the tournament on home soil. Antonsen maintains a philosophical mindset, not taking the pressure too seriously and reminding himself that it’s not the end of the world, regardless of the outcome. Axelsen, on the other hand, simplifies the situation by focusing on the court itself, where it’s just him, his opponent, and the umpires, irrespective of the location.

Overall, the Danish players are preparing themselves mentally and physically for the World Championships. They understand the challenges that come with competing at home and are finding ways to navigate through them. The tournament promises to be an exciting and closely contested event with Denmark’s top players aiming for success.


  1. How are the Danish athletes preparing for the BWF World Championships in Copenhagen?

    • The Danish athletes are preparing mentally and physically for the championships. They are aware of the challenges of competing at home and are finding ways to deal with distractions and pressure.
  2. What is Anders Antonsen’s approach to the tournament?

    • Anders Antonsen is staying in a hotel during the BWF World Championships to avoid getting too comfortable. He wants to stay focused and avoid the potential pitfalls of competing on home soil.
  3. How does Mia Blichfeldt mentally prepare for the event?

    • Mia Blichfeldt imagines that she is playing in Asia to take off the extra pressure of competing at home. She acknowledges that this championship is a significant event in her career.
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The BWF World Championships are approaching, and Danish athletes like Anders Antonsen, Viktor Axelsen, Mia Blichfeldt, Kim Astrup, and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen are getting ready to compete on home soil. While the familiarity of the venue might seem advantageous, the players are aware of the potential pitfalls, such as becoming too comfortable or being overwhelmed by expectations and distractions. They each have their own methods of preparing mentally and physically for the tournament. Antonsen chooses to stay in a hotel to stay focused, Axelsen aims to stay “cold” and enjoy the ride, Blichfeldt imagines playing in another location to ease the pressure, and Astrup and Rasmussen feel confident after their previous experiences. The Danish players are determined to perform at their best and make their mark in the championships.