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BWF World Tour: Young Chinese Pair Takes the Title at Orléans Masters 2023

Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi, a promising young Chinese badminton duo, have triumphed at the Orléans Masters 2023, securing their first HSBC BWF World Tour title in just two tournaments.

The Rise of Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi

Starting their Tour journey at the Thailand Masters in late January, the talented Chinese youngsters followed up with a victory at the Super 100 Ruichang China Masters three weeks ago. Now, in their second Grade 2 event, they emerged as champions after an outstanding performance. Despite starting in the qualifiers, the world No.81 pair dominated the competition and defeated third seeds Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana in a straight-game final (21-19, 21-17).

An Impressive Path to Success

Reflecting on their journey, 19-year-old Liu expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete against their formidable opponents. The pair demonstrated confidence, emphasizing that their training with experienced partners prepared them well for the challenge against the Indonesians. Chen and Liu initially joined forces in October during the Indonesia International Challenge, and their partnership has flourished since then. They claimed their first title, the Vietnam International Series, just a month later.

A Promising Future

With Chen being three years older than Liu, he believes that there is even more room for growth and success as a team. Although China boasts several experienced men’s pairs, Chen remains confident in his partnership with Liu. The young duo is determined to make a mark and continue their upward trajectory in the badminton world.

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Other Highlights of the Tournament

The Orléans Masters 2023 witnessed other outstanding performances as well. Men’s singles winner, Priyanshu Rajawat, showcased his talent by defeating Dane Magnus Johannesen in a thrilling three-game match. In the women’s singles category, top seed Carolina Marin ended her two-year wait for a World Tour crown by defeating Beiwen Zhang.

Quotes from the Players

Throughout the tournament, players shared their thoughts and aspirations:

  • Chen Tang Jie, after winning his first title with Toh Ee Wei, emphasized the importance of staying humble and continuously improving.
  • Muhammad Shohibul Fikri mentioned that the tournament provided valuable insights into his partnership with Bagas Maulana.
  • Carolina Marin expressed her happiness after securing her first World Tour title in two years and emphasized her goal of continuous self-belief.
  • Rena Miyaura, the women’s doubles champion, highlighted the team’s focus on winning all the Super 300s during the European leg.

BWF World Tour


Q: How many tournaments did Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi participate in before winning their first HSBC BWF World Tour title?

A: Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi won their first HSBC BWF World Tour title at the Orléans Masters 2023 after participating in just two tournaments.

Q: What was the final score in the men’s doubles final at the Orléans Masters 2023?

A: Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi defeated Muhammad Shohibul Fikri and Bagas Maulana in the men’s doubles final with a score of 21-19, 21-17.

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Q: How did Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi feel about their performance against their opponents?

A: Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi appreciated the opportunity to compete against their skilled opponents and felt that their levels were similar.

Q: When did Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi start playing together as a team?

A: Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi joined forces in October at the Indonesia International Challenge before clinching their first title, the Vietnam International Series, a month later.


Chen Bo Yang and Liu Yi, a talented young Chinese pair, claimed their first HSBC BWF World Tour title at the Orléans Masters 2023. Starting their Tour journey in January, they showcased remarkable skill and determination, culminating in a straight-game victory in the men’s doubles final. With their impressive performance and potential for further growth, Chen and Liu are poised to make a lasting impact in the world of badminton. The tournament also witnessed exceptional achievements from other players, including Priyanshu Rajawat and Carolina Marin, who secured victories in their respective categories. As the badminton world continues to thrive, these rising stars are determined to make their mark and achieve even greater success. For more information, visit