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BWF World Tour: Jonatan Christie Emerges Victorious in Dramatic Semifinal

Indonesia’s Jonatan Christie showcased incredible resilience as he triumphed over Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen in a nail-biting semifinal match at the YONEX French Open 2019. The highly intense encounter took an unexpected turn when Axelsen suffered severe cramps in both legs during the deciding game, rendering him almost immobile on the court. Against all odds, Christie mounted a remarkable comeback from 19-10 down and emerged victorious.

Axelsen’s physical distress was evident as he collapsed backstage while preparing for his post-match interviews. Reflecting on his condition, Axelsen admitted, “It’s tough when you can’t move more than a few steps. When the legs started to cramp, I simply couldn’t do anything.” He credited Christie for his well-deserved win, acknowledging his opponent’s high pace and error-free performance.

Throughout the match, the momentum swung back and forth between the players. Axelsen dominated the first game with a 21-7 triumph. However, Christie exhibited patience and precision in the second game, extending the rallies and exerting immense pressure on his opponent, ultimately clinching the game with a score of 22-20.

The third game proved to be a rollercoaster ride, highlighted by a contentious net fault by Axelsen at 7-5. Despite Christie’s pleas to the umpire, the controversial point stood in favor of Axelsen. Undeterred, Christie continued to rally, capitalizing on his opponent’s worsening cramps. With each rally becoming increasingly arduous and Christie skillfully maneuvering Axelsen on the court, the gap in scores gradually narrowed. At 19-15, Axelsen sought medical attention, but Christie’s relentless determination led him to secure a stunning 21-19 victory and advance to his fourth final of 2019.

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Expressing his gratitude, Christie remarked, “I’m very grateful. When Viktor led 19-10, I knew he had cramps. I just tried to play long rallies. I never wanted to be the one who attacked first, just lob and drop shots. That worked well for me.” Despite his disappointment with the first game and acknowledging Axelsen’s physical limitations due to asthma and previous matches, Christie remained resolute and determined to secure the win.

In the upcoming final, Christie will face the defending champion, Chen Long from China. Although Chen Long has an undefeated record of 7-0 against Christie, the Indonesian remains unfazed and determined to give his best shot.

Stay tuned for the final day results of the BWF World Tour.


Q: How did Jonatan Christie manage to win the semifinal match against Viktor Axelsen?
A: Jonatan Christie displayed remarkable resilience and skill, mounting a comeback from a significant deficit in the deciding game. He capitalized on Axelsen’s severe cramps, strategically prolonging rallies and maneuvering his opponent around the court.

Q: What was the turning point of the match between Christie and Axelsen?
A: The turning point occurred during the third game when a disputed net fault, not called by the umpire, went in favor of Axelsen. This decision fueled intense discussion between the players but did not deter Christie’s determination to secure the win.

Q: What is Jonatan Christie’s record against Chen Long, his opponent in the final?
A: Jonatan Christie has yet to defeat Chen Long in their previous encounters. Chen Long holds a perfect record of 7 wins against Christie.

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Jonatan Christie of Indonesia emerged victorious in a thrilling semifinal match against Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen at the YONEX French Open 2019. Axelsen’s debilitating cramps during the decisive game proved to be his downfall as Christie capitalized on the situation and staged an incredible comeback. Despite Axelsen’s commendable performance and a contentious net fault call, Christie’s determination and strategic gameplay secured him a well-deserved victory. Christie now prepares to face defending champion Chen Long in the final, aiming to overcome his undefeated record against him. Stay updated for the results of the final day of the BWF World Tour.