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A Promising Journey for Rin Iwanaga and Kie Nakanishi at the VICTOR Denmark Open 2023

A remarkable feat at the Arctic Open, after a two-year gap, set the stage for Rin Iwanaga and Kie Nakanishi’s arrival at the VICTOR Denmark Open 2023 with high spirits. The pair, currently ranked 16th in the world, have showcased their exceptional skills at the Jyske Bank Arena, securing back-to-back semifinals for the first time in their partnership. In a thrilling 83-minute battle, they defeated the sixth seeds Zhang Shu Xian and Zheng Yu.

Nakanishi expressed their delight, stating, “We have struggled against higher-ranked players, so winning a close match this time was a great achievement.” The duo’s recent success can be attributed to their confidence, as Iwanaga mentioned, “We believed in ourselves after reaching the top four in Vantaa, Finland. In the past, we often faltered under pressure, but this time we smoothly transitioned from defense to offense.”

Their journey to the semifinals has pitted them against top seeds Chen Qing Chen and Jia Yi Fan, whom they have yet to conquer. However, Nakanishi remains optimistic, stating, “We see this as an opportunity. Chen and Jia have exceptional court coverage due to their left-right combination. Our aim is to break through their defenses, establish our own strategies, and seize the chances that come our way.”

Although their previous encounters with Chen and Jia resulted in two straight game defeats, Iwanaga and Nakanishi made a bold statement during the Korea Open quarterfinals by taking a game from the top-ranked duo in a 54-minute showdown. Iwanaga believes that their consistent performances in future tournaments will narrow the gap and give them a real chance to challenge the best pairs.

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On the HSBC BWF World Tour, Iwanaga and Nakanishi have only reached one final, which took place at the 2021 Super 500 HYLO Open, where they narrowly lost to their compatriots Chisato Hoshi and Aoi Matsuda. Additionally, they secured a silver medal at the Asia Championships, with Chen and Jia emerging as the victors.

The journey of Rin Iwanaga and Kie Nakanishi continues to captivate badminton enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned as they aim to make their mark in the world of badminton.

News | BWF World Tour