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At the DANISA Denmark Open 2019, Spain’s Carolina Marin faced a tough challenge against Cheung Ngan Yi of Hong Kong China. Despite a less than satisfactory performance, Marin managed to secure a victory with a score of 22-20 29-27. Marin described her performance as less than ideal, acknowledging the mistakes she made on the court. However, she also expressed her determination to fight for the win, which ultimately paid off.

News | BWF World Tour
Marin was less than satisfied with her efforts today.

Marin’s tenacity became evident in the final stages of the match. Cheung had multiple game points but failed to capitalize on them. Marin, despite committing unforced errors, displayed impressive stroke play, extending the game into deuce. Ultimately, Marin’s refusal to give up proved too much for Cheung.

When asked about her overall feeling, Marin expressed satisfaction with her physical condition, stating that she had no problems with her knee and felt confident in her playing ability. She mentioned her desire to continue improving and sticking to her game plan.

Loud and Proud

The women’s doubles eighth seeds, Kim So Yeong and Kong Hee Yong of Korea, faced a tough and passionate encounter against Li Wen Mei and Zheng Yu of China. After a hard-fought battle, Kim and Kong emerged victorious with a score of 11-21 21-16 24-22. The intensity of the match was amplified by Li’s emotional reaction to every point, resulting in loud shrieks throughout the arena.

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Other Results

In other matches, Chou Tien Chen of Chinese Taipei defeated Indonesia’s Shesar Hiren Rhustavito with a score of 21-17 21-14. The third seeds, Li Jun Hui and Liu Yu Chen, overcame the spirited English pair of Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge with a score of 21-16 22-20. Tang Chun Man and Tse Ying Suet of Hong Kong China held off the challenge from Malaysia’s Goh Soon Huat and Lai Shevon Jemie, winning with a score of 21-15 22-20.

Highlights | Tang Chun Man and Tse Ying Suet raise the curtain at the DANISA Denmark Open round of 16 with a convincing win 🏸

— BWF (@bwfmedia) October 17, 2019

What They Said:

“It’s great to be playing in Europe. I love to play here. I have played in the Danish League for the Odense Club before and I really appreciate the Danish fans. I hope I can win [on Sunday].” – Marin


Q: What was the score of the match between Carolina Marin and Cheung Ngan Yi?
A: The final score was 22-20 29-27 in favor of Carolina Marin.

Q: How did Carolina Marin describe her performance?
A: Marin referred to her performance as less than ideal, acknowledging the mistakes she made on the court.

Q: Who won the women’s doubles match between Kim So Yeong/Kong Hee Yong and Li Wen Mei/Zheng Yu?
A: Kim So Yeong and Kong Hee Yong emerged as the winners with a score of 11-21 21-16 24-22.


Despite a challenging match, Carolina Marin showcased her fighting spirit and determination to secure a win. Other players also faced tough battles, highlighting the intensity of the DANISA Denmark Open 2019. With impressive performances and passionate encounters, the tournament continues to captivate badminton enthusiasts worldwide.

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