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In an intense Danish badminton showdown, Viktor Axelsen emerged victorious against Anders Antonsen. The match, hailed as a historic event in Danish badminton, showcased Axelsen’s prowess on the court.

A Clash of Titans

The highly-anticipated quarterfinal match between two exceptional Danish players captivated fans around the world. The hometown hero, Axelsen, faced off against the fourth-seeded Antonsen. Both players showcased their skills in an epic battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

News | BWF World Tour
Disappointment for Antonsen.

Overcoming Challenges

Playing against a friend and teammate can be a daunting task, especially in front of a packed stadium filled with passionate fans. The pressure and expectations can significantly impact a player’s mindset. Antonsen seemed to struggle with the weight of the occasion, while Axelsen drew from his experience in previous high-stakes matches.

Axelsen demonstrated remarkable precision and control throughout the game. His shots consistently found the lines, leaving Antonsen unable to respond effectively. Despite starting strong, Antonsen failed to capitalize on the opportunities presented to him, making costly errors on close line calls.

Axelsen’s Triumph

The match concluded with a score of 24-22, 21-12 in favor of Axelsen. Displaying exceptional skill and taking advantage of the home crowd’s support, Axelsen claimed a well-deserved victory. Antonsen, while disappointed with the result, recognized Axelsen’s dominance on the court.

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Post-Match Reactions

Reflecting on his performance, Axelsen expressed his satisfaction with the win and praised the incredible atmosphere created by the fans. The support from both sides was electrifying and added to the memorable experience of his career.

On the other hand, Antonsen acknowledged his initial advantage and lamented his inability to capitalize on it. He recognized Axelsen’s superior play and admitted that the line calls affected his approach to the game, acknowledging the tension surrounding such a significant match.


The match between Axelsen and Antonsen showcased the remarkable talent of Danish badminton players. Axelsen’s precision and control allowed him to triumph over his teammate, earning him a well-deserved victory. The intense competition and unwavering support from fans made this match an unforgettable event in Danish badminton history.


Q: What was the final score of the match between Axelsen and Antonsen?
A: The final score was 24-22, 21-12 in favor of Axelsen.

Q: What were Antonsen’s thoughts on the match?
A: Antonsen expressed disappointment but acknowledged Axelsen’s exceptional performance and the impact of the line calls on the game.

Q: How did Axelsen feel about the win?
A: Axelsen was thrilled with his victory and proud of the level of play he showcased. He also expressed gratitude towards the fans for their incredible support.

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