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News | BWF World Tour

News | BWF World Tour

It’s always inspiring to witness a comeback story, especially in the world of sports. In the last edition of the YONEX French Open, Pusarla V Sindhu faced a setback when she retired from her second-round match due to a knee injury. However, after three months of recovery, she made a remarkable return at the Badminton Asia Team Championships, leading India to victory.

Today, at the YONEX French Open 2024, Pusarla demonstrated her resilience once again. In only her second tournament back from the layoff, she staged an impressive comeback against Michelle Li, turning the match around from a seemingly grim position. Li had a commanding lead of 22-20 14-7, but Pusarla fought back, clinching the victory with a tight score of 20-22 22-20 21-19.

Reflecting on her win, Pusarla mentioned that it took some time for her to adjust to the court. She expressed her satisfaction with the result, emphasizing how victories like these boost her confidence, especially in major World Tour events. Her approach during the match was simple yet effective – taking it one point at a time and ensuring that she kept the shuttle in play.

On the other side of the court, Li, who had been recovering from a knee surgery, couldn’t help but feel that she had missed an opportunity. Despite her disappointment, she acknowledged the need to work on her game and regain her consistency and endurance. Li highlighted the mental aspect of the game, where internal conflicts arise due to the limitations of the body.

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Following her win, Pusarla’s next challenge awaits her in the form of Beiwen Zhang, who recently ended an 11-year losing streak against Carolina Marin. Marin, who had previously defeated Zhang eight times in a row, was visibly emotional after their match. Zhang, however, sensed her chance to finally overcome Marin and acknowledged the progress she had made in matching her opponent’s pace.

The BWF World Tour is full of exciting matches and unpredictable outcomes. It’s a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the players who strive to improve their game. Stay tuned for more updates on the tournament.


Q: What was the previous edition of the YONEX French Open like for Pusarla V Sindhu?

A: Pusarla V Sindhu retired from her second-round match due to a knee injury.

Q: How did Pusarla make a comeback in the YONEX French Open 2024?

A: Pusarla made a remarkable comeback from a difficult position against Michelle Li, ultimately winning the match.

Q: Who will Pusarla face in the next round of the BWF World Tour?

A: Pusarla will be facing Beiwen Zhang in the next round.


The YONEX French Open has been filled with thrilling matches and unexpected turnarounds. Pusarla V Sindhu’s comeback victory against Michelle Li is a testament to the resilience and determination of athletes in the world of badminton. As the tournament progresses, we can expect more exciting matches and inspiring performances from the players. Stay tuned for more updates on the BWF World Tour.

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