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News: BWF World Tour

The HSBC BWF World Tour is making its way to Paris this week for the highly anticipated YONEX French Open 2019. Players like Kento Momota, the world’s top-ranked men’s singles player, and Indonesia’s impressive men’s doubles pair, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, have once again proven their dominance in the badminton world. However, their winning streak raises a question: How do they maintain their level of excellence?

The Secret to Their Success

Despite their remarkable performances, Momota and the Minions are not invincible. They face the challenge of balancing a tight schedule while striving for victory. Momota, for instance, recently revealed that he celebrated his win at the DANISA Denmark Open 2019 with a team dinner, enjoying a delicious steak before catching an early bus ride to catch a flight to Paris. It’s clear that these athletes work hard to maintain their winning streaks.

News | BWF World Tour

Momota’s recent win over Chen Long in the final of the Denmark Open showcased his determination and skill. After the match, he humbly acknowledged that his success is not solely his own but also the result of the collective effort of his Japanese team and loyal supporters. It’s refreshing to see that, despite his incredible achievements, Momota remains grounded.

The Unstoppable Minions

The Minions, Gideon and Sukamuljo, have also been on an impressive winning streak. They arrived in Paris after a smooth journey through the early rounds of the tournament, ultimately facing their training partners and friends, Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan, also known as the Daddies. It’s a rivalry that they continue to dominate, with a record of five victories in 2019 alone. Their season tally now stands at an impressive seven wins.

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The Daddies have struggled to defeat Gideon and Sukamuljo since February 2018, and it doesn’t look like their luck will change any time soon. The Minions’ recent performance in Odense solidified their position as the team to beat. Despite their intense competition on the court, these players share a unique relationship outside the arena. They come together for a meal after the final, pack their suitcases, and move on to the next stop on the HSBC BWF World Tour, ready to tackle new challenges and repeat the cycle.

Anticipating an Exciting Conclusion

As the tournament in Paris unfolds, it’s no surprise that Momota, the Minions, and the Daddies are the favorites to reach the final. These players consistently deliver exceptional performances week after week, and it’s truly awe-inspiring. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the upcoming matches.


Q: How do Momota and the Minions manage to stay at the top week after week?
A: Momota and the Minions attribute their success to a combination of hard work, support from their teams, and a strong passion for the sport. They diligently maintain their physical and mental well-being to ensure peak performance.

Q: Is it unusual for rivals like the Minions and the Daddies to maintain a friendly relationship off the court?
A: While it may seem surprising, it’s not uncommon for athletes to have friendly relationships outside of their intense competitions. They understand the value of camaraderie and support within the badminton community.

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Q: How many wins has Momota achieved in 2019?
A: Momota has secured an impressive nine titles in 2019, including victories at the Asia Championships and World Championships.

Q: Is there any chance that the Daddies will defeat the Minions in the future?
A: Although anything is possible in sports, based on their recent performances, it seems unlikely that the Daddies will be able to overcome the Minions’ dominance any time soon.


The HSBC BWF World Tour in Paris promises to be a thrilling event, featuring some of the best badminton players in the world. With Momota, the Minions, and the Daddies showcasing their incredible skills, fans can expect intense matches and unforgettable moments. These athletes continue to push the boundaries of excellence, inspiring aspiring badminton players around the globe. Let’s celebrate their achievements and eagerly await the exciting conclusion of the YONEX French Open 2019. For more badminton news and updates, visit Carnegiecentre.