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Three-time world champion Carolina Marin is excited to kick off 2021 in Bangkok as badminton returns with a thrilling three-tournament Asian Leg of the HSBC BWF World Tour 2020 in Thailand.

A Fresh Start in Bangkok

After facing setbacks at the DANISA Denmark Open 2020 and SaarLorLux Open, Marin is eager to make a comeback. Despite not clinching a title on Thai soil in her previous appearances, she is focused on getting back that on-court feeling and reconnecting with fellow competitors.

Determined to Break Barriers

Marin acknowledges the dominance of Asian players in badminton but believes that Europeans are constantly striving to overcome challenges and break the Asian wall. As a highly competitive player, she is determined to give her best and leave no stone unturned in her pursuit of victory.

Marin is keen to get that ‘on-court feeling’ again.

A Challenging Year

With the badminton calendar disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, players have faced significant disruptions and a nine-month break from the circuit. While Marin acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding her opponents’ current levels of play, she remains focused on adapting to any situation and strategizing to ensure she is prepared for any challenge.

The Power of a Documentary

Marin’s inspiring journey and her triumphs at the Rio 2016 Olympics have been featured in a highly-acclaimed four-part documentary series titled “I can because I think I can.” The documentary has gained positive feedback, resonating with viewers worldwide and leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

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Marin’s documentary has received positive feedback.


As badminton makes its much-anticipated return with the HSBC BWF World Tour Asian Leg in Thailand, Carolina Marin is excited to be a part of the action. Her determination, skill, and love for the sport will undoubtedly make her a fierce competitor on the court. Stay tuned for the exciting matches and watch as Marin strives to achieve new heights in her badminton journey.


Q: What tournaments will be held during the Asian Leg of the HSBC BWF World Tour 2020?
A: The Asian Leg will feature two Super 1000 tournaments – the YONEX Thailand Open and TOYOTA Thailand Open – followed by the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2020.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the badminton calendar?
A: The pandemic disrupted the 2020 badminton calendar, leading to a worldwide break and a nine-month absence from the circuit for many players.

Q: What impact has the documentary on Carolina Marin had on viewers?
A: The documentary series “I can because I think I can” has received positive feedback from viewers worldwide, inspiring them and offering valuable insights into Marin’s journey and successes.