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Exciting Matches at the VICTOR Denmark Open 2023

Rasmus Gemke, the Danish badminton player, thrilled the home crowd with an impressive victory over world champion Kunlavut Vitidsarn in the first round of the VICTOR Denmark Open 2023. Gemke’s performance at the Jyske Bank Arena on Wednesday was nothing short of spectacular. After winning the first game 21-15, he faced a tough comeback from the Thai player, who took the second game with the same scoreline. The match went to three games, and Gemke found himself trailing 18-14 in the decider. However, he rallied and won the last five rallies, securing his place in the second round.

Gemke’s victory came as a surprise to many, including the player himself. Reflecting on the match, he admitted that it was challenging to find weaknesses in Vitidsarn’s game. Despite the difficulties, Gemke’s determination and skill prevailed, leading to a well-deserved win. Speaking about his triumph, Gemke expressed his joy and described the experience as “absolutely crazy.”

The excitement of Gemke’s win extended beyond the court as well. The spectators in the stands celebrated the victory with great enthusiasm. Gemke compared the atmosphere to that of the World Championships held in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena, where the Danish badminton fans had shown unwavering support and passion.

In the next round, Gemke will face another surprise winner, Lin Chun-Yi from Chinese Taipei. Lin, ranked 24th in the world, secured his place in the second round by defeating Kanta Tsuneyama in a hard-fought match that went to three games. This victory holds special significance for Lin, as it is his first win at the Super 750 level after two previous defeats. Reflecting on his achievement, Lin expressed his satisfaction and highlighted the boost of energy he felt after the win.

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The VICTOR Denmark Open 2023 has already seen some thrilling matches, and the excitement is only expected to grow as the tournament progresses. The level of competition is high, and players like Chou Tien Chen, Na Sung Seung, and Lee Zii Jia have also made impressive statements with their performances.


  1. What is the significance of Gemke’s victory over Vitidsarn?
    Gemke’s victory over Vitidsarn is significant because it showcases his skill and determination, as well as the support of the home crowd.

  2. Who will Gemke face in the second round?
    Gemke will face Lin Chun-Yi from Chinese Taipei in the second round of the VICTOR Denmark Open 2023.

  3. What other exciting matches have taken place in the tournament?
    The tournament has witnessed exciting matches involving players like Chou Tien Chen, Na Sung Seung, and Lee Zii Jia.


The VICTOR Denmark Open 2023 has already set the stage for thrilling badminton matches. Rasmus Gemke’s remarkable victory over Kunlavut Vitidsarn has ignited the enthusiasm of the home crowd and set the tone for an exciting tournament. As the competition continues, spectators can expect more intense battles and displays of skill from the world’s top players.

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