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Just when it seemed like Tai Tzu Ying had overcome her past struggles, a familiar challenge resurfaced. The world No.2 had been on a remarkable streak, relying on her patience and avoiding unnecessary risks. However, in the semifinals against An Se Young, Tai couldn’t maintain her composure.

An Se Young, visibly relieved after the match, admitted, “I got lucky today. I thought I had lost.” Tai’s game was marred by consecutive errors, particularly in crucial moments. In the opening game, she made nine straight mistakes when the score was tied at 12-all, handing the lead to her opponent. A similar pattern occurred in the second and third games, with Tai squandering leads of 12-6 and 14-7, respectively.

Despite her inconsistent play, Tai showcased moments of brilliance with incredible shots. An, still recovering from a knee injury, struggled to keep up with Tai’s agility, occasionally expressing pain to her coach. At 18-11 in the third game, victory seemed within Tai’s grasp, but she couldn’t capitalize on those final points, a scenario that has occurred all too often.

Reflecting on the match, Tai said, “I feel bad that I had the lead until 20 in the third game. I lacked the resilience to close out the match. She’s a tough opponent to overcome.”

In the final, An Se Young will face Akane Yamaguchi, who has finally recovered from a foot injury that plagued her for several months. Yamaguchi defeated defending champion Chen Yu Fei in a thrilling three-game match, securing her spot in the final, a notable achievement since the VICTOR Hong Kong Open in September.

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“I’m thrilled to reach the final after struggling with my injury,” Yamaguchi shared. “I’ve been in great form throughout the tournament, and I’m satisfied with my performance. Chen Yu Fei is always a formidable opponent.”

In other highlights, world champions Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Jung reached their first final of the year, rallying from an 8-16 deficit in the first game to defeat Dechapol Puavaranukroh/Sapsiree Taerattanachai 21-18 21-16. Additionally, Jiang Zhen Bang/Wei Ya Xin, the defending mixed doubles champions, were eliminated by their compatriots Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping, who qualified for their first final of the year.

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The BWF World Tour has witnessed intense matches and surprising outcomes. Tai Tzu Ying, despite her remarkable performances, couldn’t maintain her consistency in the semifinals against An Se Young. An’s victory brings her to the final, where she will meet the resurgent Akane Yamaguchi. The journey to the final has seen remarkable performances from various players, including Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Jung and Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping. Stay tuned for more exciting badminton action.

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