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Celebrating Success at YONEX Canada Open 2023 for Danish Men’s Doubles

YONEX Canada Open 2023 saw a remarkable performance from Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, who secured consecutive victories just a week after winning the European Games gold in Poland. The Danish duo emerged as champions in an exciting match against their compatriots Rasmus Kjaer and Frederik Sogaard, winning 23-25, 21-16, 21-12 at the Markin MacPhail Centre. This victory not only sparked celebration for Astrup and Rasmussen but also signified a new era for Danish men’s doubles.

A Milestone for Danish Men’s Doubles

The significance of this victory was not lost on Astrup and Rasmussen. They were thrilled to achieve back-to-back wins and acknowledged the importance of their compatriots’ contribution to their success. Reflecting on the momentous occasion, Rasmussen remarked, “It’s been a good week for Danish men’s doubles.” They were aware that it had been over a decade since an all-Danish final had taken place and recognized the impact their win would have on their team and the future of Danish badminton.

Kjaer, despite his disappointment, acknowledged the high level of play and the special dynamic that comes with competing against their training partners. He emphasized the respect and camaraderie they share, stating, “We want the best for them except when they play us.” The rivalry between the Danish pairs only serves to push them to higher levels of performance and helps foster a winning mindset within the team.

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Triumph Amidst Challenges

Astrup and Rasmussen’s consecutive victories demonstrated their resilience and determination. Rasmussen attributed their success to their unwavering dedication and motivation, saying, “We’ve been on a down, so to come back and win in back-to-back weeks just shows what hard work and motivation can do. I’m so proud of us.” Astrup echoed this sentiment, expressing their hunger and motivation throughout the week and the joy of standing atop the podium for two consecutive weeks, a first in their careers.

Ending the Title Drought

The triumph at YONEX Canada Open 2023 also marked the end of a title drought for Astrup and Rasmussen in the HSBC BWF World Tour. The duo, currently ranked 12th in the world, had their last title win at the 2021 Swiss Open. Their victory in Canada showcased their skill and resilience, reminding the badminton world of their capabilities and putting them back in contention for future championships.

Testimonials from the Champions

Several other players acknowledged the unique experience of competing in Canada and the adjustments they had to make due to the high altitude of Calgary. Men’s singles champion, Lakshya Sen, shared his determination to never lose hope and his all-out effort in the second game, resulting in a well-deserved victory. Mayu Matsumoto highlighted the learning experience of adapting to the light and fast shuttle in Canada, which required adjustments to improve their overall game. Akane Yamaguchi expressed her joy at adding the Canada Open title to her list of achievements, making it a memorable first visit to the country.

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Sen’s first title since winning the India Open in January last year


Q: Is this the first time Astrup and Rasmussen have won back-to-back titles?
A: Yes, this is the first time in their careers that they have secured consecutive victories.

Q: How long was the title drought for Astrup and Rasmussen?
A: Their last title win was at the 2021 Swiss Open, making it a two-year wait for another championship.

Q: What adjustments did players have to make in Canada due to the high altitude?
A: The high altitude in Calgary resulted in a lighter and faster shuttle, requiring players to make adjustments to their gameplay.


The YONEX Canada Open 2023 will be remembered as a significant milestone for Danish men’s doubles. Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen’s consecutive victories showcased their resilience and determination, while also ushering in a new era for Danish badminton. The celebration of their success and the positive outlook shared by their compatriots highlight the camaraderie within the Danish team. As they stand atop the podium, Astrup and Rasmussen have proven that hard work and motivation can indeed lead to remarkable achievements in the world of badminton.