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For a reigning world champion, Kunlavut Vitidsarn has faced challenges on the circuit since his famous title win last August. Despite a semifinal finish at the Indonesia Masters in January, he has experienced early losses and recently had to fight to stay in the event at the YONEX French Open 2024 after blowing four match points against Brian Yang in the opening round.

Vitidsarn openly acknowledges that he is not currently performing at the same level as last year. Interestingly, he attributes his loss of form to the pressure of being a world champion, a perspective uncommon among top players.

“I’m very happy to be here; I’ve been under a lot of pressure. It’s a new performance now, and it’s okay if it’s not good. I can learn. Brian Yang is a top player, but today I’m happy I could win,” Vitidsarn said after his hard-fought victory.

He further explains the challenges he faces in every tournament: “At every tournament, I have pressure. If I lose, I go back to training hard. Men’s singles is very difficult in every round. I have to adapt and adjust my game plan. Sometimes I need to focus on defense, and other times on the attack.”

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But what caused his loss of form after the World Championships? Vitidsarn shares, “After the World Championships, I faced a series of interviews, followed by an injury and fever that required hospitalization. I had limited training during that period. When I returned to training, it was a struggle as I was physically tired. My mindset was affected because I desperately needed rest. Everyone understands that I needed a long break. However, when I came back, the pressure was constant in every tournament, and under pressure, it becomes challenging to control the shuttle, leading to easy mistakes.”

While Vitidsarn acknowledges that he is physically fit, he admits that his confidence is waning. The men’s singles category is highly competitive, and he recognizes the need to rebuild his confidence step by step. “Last year, my mindset was very strong. This year, I need to start from scratch.”


Q: What has Kunlavut Vitidsarn achieved as a badminton player?
A: Kunlavut Vitidsarn is a reigning world champion in badminton, showcasing his exceptional skill and talent. However, he has faced challenges maintaining his form since his title win in August last year.

Q: What does Vitidsarn attribute his recent loss of form to?
A: Vitidsarn attributes his recent loss of form to the pressure he experiences as a world champion. This perspective is unconventional among top players, but Vitidsarn acknowledges the impact it has had on his performance.

Q: How does Vitidsarn cope with the pressure in tournaments?
A: Vitidsarn copes with the pressure by maintaining a strong work ethic. If he loses a match, he redoubles his efforts in training. Additionally, he adjusts and adapts his game plan in each tournament, sometimes focusing on defense and other times on the attack.

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Kunlavut Vitidsarn, a reigning world champion in badminton, has been facing challenges on the circuit since his victory last August. Despite his best efforts, he has experienced early defeats and struggled to maintain his form in tournaments. Vitidsarn openly acknowledges the pressure he is under as a world champion and attributes it to his recent loss of form. He emphasizes the need to adapt and adjust his game plan in each tournament to overcome the difficulties faced. Despite the setbacks, Vitidsarn remains determined and committed to rebuilding his confidence and returning to top form.