Friday, 14 Jun 2024

News: Viktor Axelsen’s Performance at YONEX French Open 2024

Viktor Axelsen, the world’s top-ranked badminton player, experienced a challenging match at the YONEX French Open 2024. His opponent, Wang Tzu Wei, who had never beaten Axelsen before, emerged victorious in this encounter.

From the early stages of the game, it was evident that Axelsen was not at his best. He fell behind 10-1, struggling with his sharpness and accuracy while making several errors. However, credit must be given to Wang for his consistent performance, as he never let up and capitalized on his opportunities. Even when Axelsen managed to level the score in the second game, Wang remained composed and ultimately secured the win.

Wang Tzu Wei celebrating

In Wang’s own words, “He’s world no. 1, he’s really strong, and I’ve never beaten him before. So I was relaxed and tried to do my best on court, and I’m glad I did well today. He made some mistakes and I seized my chance. I didn’t let him feel comfortable at all.”

Axelsen, on the other hand, expressed his dissatisfaction with his performance but struggled to pinpoint the exact reasons for his subpar display. Despite his disappointment, he acknowledged Wang’s excellent play and admitted that his opponent deserved the victory. Axelsen mentioned that he was surprised by his own level of play and felt frustrated, especially after a long break due to injuries.

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Wang Tzu Wei taking advantage of Axelsen's mistakes

It is worth noting some other notable results from the tournament. In men’s doubles, the second-seeded pair of Liang Wei Keng and Wang Chang was defeated by Lee Jhe-Huei and Yang Po-Hsuan from Chinese Taipei in a thrilling match. In another match, Magnus Johannesen, who had previously defeated Lee Zii Jia, could not overcome second seed Shi Yu Qi, who won comfortably. Lastly, Kunlavut Vitidsarn faced a tough challenge from Lin Chun-Yi but managed to secure a spot in the quarterfinals with a late surge in points.


Q: Is this Axelsen’s first loss to Wang Tzu Wei?
A: No, Axelsen had previously defeated Wang in all six of their encounters before this match.

Q: Did Axelsen feel disappointed with his performance?
A: Yes, Axelsen expressed his disappointment and frustration with his own level of play.

Q: How did Wang Tzu Wei capitalize on Axelsen’s mistakes?
A: Wang remained focused and seized the opportunities presented by Axelsen’s mistakes, not allowing his opponent to feel comfortable on the court.


Although Viktor Axelsen experienced a setback in his match against Wang Tzu Wei at the YONEX French Open 2024, it is important to acknowledge the competitive nature of badminton and the skill of his opponent. Axelsen’s determination and drive will undoubtedly push him to bounce back and continue his pursuit of success on the badminton court. To follow Viktor Axelsen’s journey and stay updated with the latest badminton news, visit Carnegiecentre.