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The CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open 2023 powered by YONEX has introduced a Super 500 tournament on the HSBC BWF World Tour this season. This exciting development has provided an opportunity for shuttlers from non-badminton countries to showcase their skills and compete at a higher level. On Day 2 at the Energia Arena, several players, mostly from Europe, had the privilege of experiencing their first Super 500 tournament.

Testimonials from the Players

Let’s hear from some of the participants who shared how valuable this experience was for them.

Moa Sjoo, 26 – Women’s Doubles – Sweden

“This is what we work for every day and every week. We appreciate the opportunity to play against better players. While we are thrilled to be here, our goal is to compete in bigger tournaments more frequently and win matches instead of exiting in the first round. We want to show that we can compete with the best.”

Tilda Sjoo, 23 – Women’s Doubles – Sweden

“Participating in this tournament has been incredibly beneficial for our development. Being in this atmosphere and surrounded by top players has been a great learning experience. Even though we only played one match, we will take away valuable lessons and work on improving in our training sessions.”

Mihajlo Tomic, 20 – Mixed Doubles – Serbia

“We are eager to learn more and improve our game. This tournament has provided us with invaluable experience. Our objective is to elevate our level of play by competing at the highest possible level. Although we are disappointed with the outcome today, we will review this match and extract as much knowledge as possible from it.”

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Anna Kupca, 17 – Women’s Doubles – Latvia

“We never expected to participate in a tournament of this caliber. It’s remarkable to witness the world’s best players in action. This has been a tremendous experience for us.”

Jekaterina Romanova, 25 – Women’s Doubles – Latvia

“Now that we have gained experience from this 500 tournament, we will better prepare for future competitions. Our aim is to gradually participate in more tournaments like this. Hopefully, with time, we will feel more comfortable on the court, as nerves got the better of us today.”

Ramona Üprus, 20 – Women’s Doubles – Estonia

“We decided to enter this tournament because it is hosted by our neighboring country, and we were fortunate enough to make it to the main draw. It has been a fantastic experience, and we have learned so much. Watching top players on YouTube is entirely different from playing against them. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience.”

Catlyn Kruus, 20 – Women’s Doubles – Estonia

“This tournament has shown us that competing against top players is possible, and we can even score points against them. As university students, we cannot dedicate ourselves to badminton full-time, so this boosts our self-confidence.”

These emerging players have demonstrated their determination and enthusiasm for the sport. They have utilized this opportunity to gather valuable experience and learn from the best.

News | BWF World Tour
Kupca and Romanova overcame early nerves to give their opponents some fight.


Q: How did the CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open 2023 powered by YONEX benefit non-badminton countries?
A: This tournament introduced a Super 500 category on the HSBC BWF World Tour, providing players from non-badminton countries an opportunity to compete at a higher level and gain valuable experience.

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Q: Did any players express disappointment with their performance?
A: While some players faced setbacks, they acknowledged the importance of this tournament and the lessons they could learn from it.

Q: How did these players feel about playing against top-level opponents?
A: The players expressed excitement and appreciation for the chance to compete against some of the best players in the world. They recognized the value of the experience and the opportunity to learn from top-level matches.


The CLASH OF CLANS Arctic Open 2023 powered by YONEX has opened doors for players from non-badminton countries to step onto the Super 500 stage of the HSBC BWF World Tour. The testimonials from these players highlight the significance of this opportunity and their determination to compete with the best. This tournament has not only provided valuable experience but also serves as motivation for them to continue improving their game.