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A Victorious Homecoming for Thom Gicquel/Delphine Delrue at YONEX French Open 2022

Thom Gicquel and Delphine Delrue made a triumphant return to the Stade Pierre de Coubertin as they secured their first-round win in straight games against Lee Jhe-huei and Hsu Ya Ching. The French mixed pair, currently ranked seventh in the world, had previously faced disappointment in their previous attempts at the tournament but finally tasted victory on home soil.

The duo’s debut in 2016 ended in early elimination, and they experienced the same fate in the following year. In 2019, they couldn’t progress past the opening round. However, this time, Gicquel and Delrue put their past setbacks behind them and delivered an impressive performance, winning 21-12 24-22.

The home crowd was there to witness the electrifying match, and their support undoubtedly fueled Gicquel and Delrue’s determination. Delrue expressed her excitement, saying, “Wow, that was crazy, a huge crowd, and a lot of noise.” She acknowledged the emotions running high but remained focused on the fight ahead. Gicquel, as a French player, felt the added pressure of performing on home court but was delighted to secure the first-round victory.

The crowd’s chants of “Dede” and “Thom” filled the arena, especially when Gicquel and Delrue were on the brink of a potential decider. Gicquel admitted that previous tournaments had seen them maintain a lead of five or six points but struggle to close out matches. However, with the support of their family and friends in the crowd, Gicquel was determined to prove himself. He said, “I wanted to do this for them, for us. The winning feeling at the end was great.”

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The French Open has not seen a home champion since 2005, making Gicquel and Delrue’s journey even more exciting. When asked about their chances of winning the title, Gicquel responded that they take things match by match but admitted, “Of course, we’d love to win the title. Anything is possible.”

In other matches, Kidambi Srikanth emerged victorious in his first-round encounter against Lakshya Sen, winning 21-18 21-18. Srikanth acknowledged Sen’s strong performance but saw the match as an opportunity to gauge his own progress and identify areas for improvement. In the next round, Srikanth will face Rasmus Gemke, who secured a straight games victory over Nhat Nguyen.


Q: Can Gicquel and Delrue go all the way in the tournament?
A: While their focus is on taking one match at a time, Gicquel expressed their desire to win the title and emphasized that anything is possible.

Q: How did Kidambi Srikanth perform in his first-round match?
A: Srikanth played well and won against Lakshya Sen, demonstrating his recovery from injury. He now looks forward to facing Rasmus Gemke in the next round.

Q: Who were the previous home champions at the French Open?
A: The last French home champions were Elodie Eymard and Weny Rahmawati in the women’s doubles category, and Nabil Lasmari with Indonesian Eny Widiowati in the mixed doubles category, both in 2005.

The atmosphere at the YONEX French Open 2022 is filled with anticipation as players strive to outperform each other on the badminton court. Stay tuned for more exciting matches and follow the action at the Carnegiecentre website.

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Gicquel/Delrue used the home support to their advantage.

The YONEX French Open 2022 proved to be a memorable tournament for Thom Gicquel and Delphine Delrue as they celebrated their first-round victory at home. The French pair’s perseverance and determination paid off, allowing them to secure a win that delighted fans in the arena. The journey doesn’t end here, as Gicquel and Delrue set their sights on progressing further in the tournament. Follow the Carnegiecentre website for more updates on this thrilling badminton event.

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