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Rising Star Lauren Lam Taking Badminton to the Next Level

Lauren Lam, a 16-year-old left-handed badminton player from the USA, has chosen a different path to success. Instead of following the traditional route of climbing up the ladder from junior to senior levels, Lam has thrown herself into the world of top-level badminton. Her goal is to gain exposure and experience that will propel her towards excellence.

Lauren Lam

To pursue her dream of becoming a professional badminton player, Lam made the decision to give up conventional schooling and opt for online lessons. This choice allows her to dedicate more time to her training. Lam’s parents have been supportive of her dreams and have provided her with the necessary resources to pursue a career in badminton.

Despite being just 16 years old, Lam is not a regular on the junior circuit. She consciously skipped the World Junior Championships in 2018 and 2019 to focus on training and playing against higher-quality opponents. Lam believes that competing against older and more experienced players helps build her confidence. She also enjoys playing in bigger tournaments, where she feels less pressure and has nothing to lose.

Lauren Lam

Lam’s journey towards playing at a higher level began after her victory at the Pan Am Junior Championships in 2017. This achievement made her realize the value of competing in top-level tournaments against adult players. Throughout 2018 and this year, Lam participated in various international events such as the US Open, Malaysia Open, and Singapore Open. Although she has faced early exits in some tournaments, Lam believes that these experiences will help her grow and develop as a player.

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Lauren Lam

Lam finds inspiration from two Pan Am players – Beiwen Zhang and Michelle Li. She looks up to Zhang, who has been supportive and willing to train with her. Lam also admires Li for her friendly and easy-going nature. These players motivate her to improve her game. Lam draws inspiration from top male players like Kento Momota and Lin Dan, as well as female players like Beiwen Zhang, Michelle Li, and Tai Tzu Ying.

Winning her qualifying round match and entering the main draw of a Super 500 tournament was a significant milestone for Lam. The emotional celebration at the end of the match showcased her love for the sport and the satisfaction she felt from defeating an older opponent.

“I’ve loved badminton all my life, and I love being in a big stadium… I’m just 16, so it’s nerve-wracking when I beat someone older than me. It feels nice, actually.”


1. How old is Lauren Lam?
Lauren Lam is currently 16 years old.

2. What made Lauren Lam decide to play at higher-level tournaments?
After winning the Pan Am Junior Championships in 2017, Lam realized the value of competing against adult players and decided to challenge herself on a higher level.

3. Who are the players that Lauren Lam looks up to?
Lam finds inspiration from players like Beiwen Zhang, Michelle Li, Kento Momota, Lin Dan, and Tai Tzu Ying.

4. How did Lauren Lam’s victory in the qualifying round affect her?
Winning the qualifying round match and entering the main draw of a Super 500 tournament was a significant achievement for Lam, and she celebrated it with great emotion and joy.

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Lauren Lam’s unconventional approach to her badminton career has proven to be a bold and calculated move. By opting for top-level tournaments and online schooling, Lam is gaining valuable experience and exposure that will help her develop as a professional player. With the support of her parents and the inspiration she draws from experienced players, Lam is on a path to success in the world of badminton. Follow her journey on Carnegiecentre and witness the rise of a young star.