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Breaking News: Jonathan Matias Triumphs in an Epic Battle at the BWF World Tour

At the YONEX US Open 2023, a thrilling badminton match unfolded between Brian Yang, the sixth seed, and Jonathan Matias of Brazil. It was a moment of redemption for Matias, who had faced defeat against Yang in a junior match from a winning position. With the scoreboard reading 20-18, Matias found himself on the brink of an all-too-familiar defeat. However, he summoned his inner strength, drawing inspiration from his sports psychologist’s advice, and ultimately emerged victorious with a final score of 26-24.

Matias’ journey to victory was not without its challenges. His hands trembled and his focus wavered as Canadian Yang managed to level the score. But Matias tapped into his mental resilience, guided by the wise words of his psychologist. Overcoming his doubts and emotions, he found the confidence to execute precise shots and secure the win. Reflecting on his triumph, Matias shared, “I couldn’t think straight at first, but I reminded myself to play it safe and not take unnecessary risks.”

The memories of a previous lost match against Yang haunted Matias throughout the game, fueling his determination to rewrite history. He acknowledges that doubts can sometimes hinder his performance, resulting in inconsistent play. However, this victory signifies a breakthrough for Matias. He expressed his joy, stating, “This is a significant win for me. Beating a player of Brian’s caliber while showcasing my best badminton is truly gratifying. It reassures me that I’m on the right path.”

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Matias had prepared meticulously for this encounter, having previously lost in both of his clashes with Yang. His strategy revolved around preventing Yang from dominating the net and gaining control in the backcourt. By consistently placing the shuttle behind his opponent, Matias successfully executed his game plan. A key tactic was frequently sending Yang to the baseline from the net, limiting his opportunities to utilize his spin shots.

This achievement adds to Matias’ recent success in the badminton circuit. Over the past eight months, he has triumphed in two International Series tournaments, including the Peru event in October and the Santo Domingo Open last month. Now, winning his first match at a Super 300 tournament, Matias is elated. He shares, “This victory holds tremendous significance for me as I strive to qualify for the Olympics. I’m still battling it out with Ygor Coelho. Playing in a Super 300 tournament was one of my goals, and to win a match feels like a dream come true.”

Matias, determined to bring more recognition to Pan American shuttlers in the HSBC BWF World Tour, recognizes the importance of self-belief in making progress. To address his tendency to overthink, he is actively working with a sports psychologist. Matias acknowledges his exceptional abilities in practice and aims to translate that prowess consistently into his matches.

In the upcoming Round of 16, Matias faces the formidable challenge of playing against Japan’s Koo Takahashi. With renewed confidence and a hunger for success, Matias is ready to take on the obstacles that lie ahead. The badminton world eagerly awaits his next remarkable performance.

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  1. How did Jonathan Matias secure victory in the match against Brian Yang?

    • Matias drew inspiration from his sports psychologist’s advice and found the confidence to execute precise shots, ultimately securing a 26-24 victory in a nail-biting decider.
  2. What was Matias’ strategy against Brian Yang?

    • Matias aimed to prevent Yang from dominating the net and gaining control in the backcourt. By consistently placing the shuttle behind Yang and frequently sending him to the baseline from the net, Matias disrupted Yang’s gameplay.
  3. What are Matias’ goals in the badminton circuit?

    • Matias aspires to qualify for the Olympics and represents Pan American shuttlers in the HSBC BWF World Tour. He aims to bring more recognition to his fellow athletes from the region.


Jonathan Matias’ victory against Brian Yang at the YONEX US Open 2023 marks a significant milestone in his badminton career. Overcoming past defeats and battling his inner doubts, Matias showcased his talent and resilience on the court. This triumph not only brings him closer to his Olympic aspirations but also highlights his potential as a rising star in the badminton world. With the support of his sports psychologist and unwavering determination, Matias is poised to excel in future matches, leaving a lasting impact on the sport.