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YONEX French Open 2023: A Thrilling Opening Round Contest

The YONEX French Open 2023 kicked off with an exhilarating match between Danish mixed doubles duo Mathias Thyrri/Amalie Magelund and world champions Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Jung at the Glaz Arena in Rennes.

A Promising Showdown

Thyrri/Magelund entered the court with quiet confidence, fueled by their previous near misses against top Asian pairs. This time, they emerged victorious with a nail-biting 21-19 19-21 21-11 win over the Koreans. The world No.22s were beaming with joy post-match, celebrating their biggest career win.

Denmark’s Rise in Mixed Doubles

The success of Thyrri/Magelund reflects Denmark’s flourishing strength in mixed doubles. According to Thyrri, “Right now in Denmark, it’s going very well in the mixed, especially with Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra BØje, and we have some good training back home.”

Precision and Attacks

Thyrri/Magelund’s precision in serve and returns, coupled with their relentless attacking strategy, kept Seo and Chae on the back foot. Magelund acknowledged their prowess in the service situation, saying, “We were good in the service situation, especially our own. And we got that attack a lot in the match. There were some good points there.”

A Career-Defining Win

Beating Seo/Chae, who are world-class players, was a significant milestone for Thyrri/Magelund. The duo’s confidence has soared to new heights with this victory. Thyrri expressed, “It’s definitely high. We know we have the level to compete with the best pairs, but we haven’t got so many wins against those. We have played close matches, but that’s why we both wanted it.”

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Thyrri and Magelund celebrate their biggest career win


Q: Which match marked Thyrri/Magelund’s biggest career win?
A: Thyrri/Magelund celebrated their biggest career win at the YONEX French Open 2023 against Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Jung.

Q: Why is Denmark excelling in mixed doubles?
A: Denmark is experiencing success in mixed doubles, with notable performances from pairs like Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra BØje.

Q: What led to Thyrri/Magelund’s victory against Seo/Chae?
A: Thyrri/Magelund’s precision in serve and returns, along with their relentless attacking strategy, gave them an advantage over Seo/Chae.

Q: How has this win impacted Thyrri/Magelund’s confidence?
A: Beating Seo/Chae has boosted Thyrri/Magelund’s confidence, as they now believe they can compete with the best pairs.


The YONEX French Open 2023 kicked off with an electrifying match that showcased the rising talent of Thyrri/Magelund in mixed doubles. Their precision, attacking strategy, and confidence proved to be the winning combination against world champions Seo/Chae. As Denmark continues to excel in mixed doubles, Thyrri/Magelund’s victory stands as a testament to the country’s growing strength in this discipline. Let the YONEX French Open 2023 be an inspiration to all aspiring badminton players around the world.

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