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In an exciting showdown against Tan Qiang/Zhou Hao Dong in the Denmark Open 2023 first round, Mark Lamsfuss displayed an impressive comeback, proving that he can still dominate the badminton court. Teaming up with Marvin Seidel, Lamsfuss showcased his skills and determination, bouncing back from a game down to secure a thrilling victory with a score of 17-21 21-16 21-17.

Lamsfuss has faced his fair share of challenges in recent months. In June, a knee injury forced the reigning European men’s and mixed doubles champion to undergo surgery and embark on an extensive period of rehabilitation. Although he made appearances in a few tournaments following his recovery, he struggled to reach his full potential. Due to his determination to fully heal, he decided to skip the Arctic Open last week.

Fortunately, Lamsfuss has been making significant progress in his journey towards recovery. Through improved nutrition, intense physiotherapy treatments, and dedicated doctor appointments, he has managed to regain his strength and overcome his physical limitations. “I’m in a better shape now and can play without any painkillers,” Lamsfuss proudly remarked. His main focus now is to enjoy playing badminton again, without exerting excessive pressure on himself, especially in light of the Olympic qualification. He firmly believes that with his knee in good condition, he and Seidel will achieve outstanding results.

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Looking ahead, Lamsfuss/Seidel may face tough competition in the next round. Home favorites and World Championships silver medalists, Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, will potentially be their opponents. Astrup/Rasmussen are currently in stellar form, and the German duo will need to bring their A-game to secure a place in the quarterfinals. Seidel expressed his enthusiasm for the potential showdown, stating, “We are looking forward to it, especially because they are in good shape now. It would be a good test for our game, and European matchups are always enjoyable for the spectators.”

Meanwhile, Denmark’s own rising stars, Rasmus Kjaer and Frederik Sogaard, made a memorable debut as a pair at the Denmark Open. In their first match together, they claimed their maiden victory over the second seeds, Liang Wei Keng/Wang Chang, with a hard-fought score of 18-21 21-19 21-18. Kjaer expressed his excitement about participating in the event after missing out last year, saying, “It’s been a while since both of us played this event, so it was a nice week to look forward to after a disappointing semifinal loss at the Arctic Open.”


Q: How did Mark Lamsfuss and Marvin Seidel perform in the Denmark Open 2023?
A: Mark Lamsfuss and Marvin Seidel showcased their class badminton skills, staging a magnificent comeback from a game down to secure a 17-21 21-16 21-17 victory against Tan Qiang/Zhou Hao Dong.

Q: How did Lamsfuss overcome his knee injury and rehabilitation period?
A: Lamsfuss underwent surgery and an extensive rehabilitation period after a knee injury. Through improved nutrition, physiotherapy treatments, and dedicated doctor appointments, he has made remarkable progress in his recovery.

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Q: Who might Lamsfuss/Seidel face in the next round?
A: In the next round, Lamsfuss/Seidel could potentially face Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, home favorites and World Championships silver medalists.

Q: How did Rasmus Kjaer and Frederik Sogaard perform in their first match at the Denmark Open?
A: Rasmus Kjaer and Frederik Sogaard achieved their first victory as a pair at the Denmark Open, defeating the second seeds, Liang Wei Keng/Wang Chang, in a thrilling match with a score of 18-21 21-19 21-18.


Mark Lamsfuss’s remarkable comeback and Rasmus Kjaer/Frederik Sogaard’s impressive debut have added excitement to the Denmark Open 2023. The tournament showcases the resilience and skill of these talented badminton players as they strive for victory on the world stage. Stay tuned for more exhilarating matches and outstanding performances in this prestigious event.

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Image: Mark Lamsfuss and Marvin Seidel during their victorious match at the Denmark Open.