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News | Lauren Lam Embarks on a Journey of Reflection and Music During Lockdown

The world of badminton is filled with talented athletes, each with their own unique journey. Among them is 17-year-old Lauren Lam, an upcoming player from the USA who has already left her mark on the World Tour. While the current pandemic has disrupted her plans, Lam has embraced this time as an opportunity to reflect on her game and explore her passion for music.

Embracing Challenges and Reflecting on Growth

Lam, who made her debut on the World Tour at just 15 years old, quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and intensity of the circuit. However, due to the lockdown restrictions, she finds herself missing the thrill of training, competing, and traveling. Lam shares, “I miss training and I really miss getting on court and tournaments, and all of that. The first week of lockdown, I stopped training, I was watching some old videos and looking back at the memories and how much I’ve grown. I missed that atmosphere at the tournaments, the pressure and the stress.”

Adjusting Plans and Finding New Passions

Like many athletes, Lam had meticulously planned her training and tournament schedule for the year. However, the pandemic forced her to adapt and let go of her plans. Lam expresses her frustration, saying, “When this pandemic hit, it was frustrating because I had spent so much time planning my schedule and all of a sudden it’s gone. I feel very jealous because in some Asian countries they’re allowed to train, I wish I could be training with them.”

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Despite the challenges, Lam remains grateful for the unexpected gift of time. She has used this period to reflect on her badminton game and prepare for her SAT tests. Lam explains, “The good thing is that I can take time off to reflect on my badminton game, and that before the pandemic I was stressed about the SAT, which is a major test that is required to get you into US colleges. I was going to take that in March but since the pandemic started, it got cancelled, so that gave me much more time to study more and do more of my homework.”

Another passion that Lam has been exploring during this time is music. With the extra free time on her hands, she has immersed herself in songwriting and composing. Lam shares her plans, saying, “I have a lot of free time, so I’m producing my music. I’m in the process of composing some songs. As soon as this quarantine is over, I will go to a studio and record it.”

Making the Best of Limited Resources

As an independent player without access to a court or a gym, Lam has transformed her garage into a makeshift workout space. She has adapted her training routine to utilize the limited equipment available to her. Lam explains, “I barely had any equipment. I had only a treadmill. I needed more training equipment, and I bought an exercise bike, and before the lockdown started on the last day of training, I asked my coach if I could borrow some stuff from the gym, so I got a lot of bands, balance equipment, weights. At home, I do a variety of bodyweight, balance and muscle endurance exercises and cardio. I try to have at least two sessions a day.”

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Lam also makes sure to get some outdoor running, finding solace in a local park. She shares, “Most of my training is at home, but I go out twice a week to get as much outdoor running as I can. Running on the treadmill is different from running outside, and I just think I need a different scenario while training. I go to a local park. It’s pretty big and peaceful, so I just run around there, and I just find the sandboxes, and I sneak in and get as much training as possible.”

Looking to the Future

Although Lam is limited in her ability to practice badminton during this time, she remains focused on maintaining her skills through drills and footwork exercises at home. She acknowledges that this period of forced rest will ultimately make her appreciate the game even more when the circuits resume. Lam states, “Maybe I will look at it differently in a good way, it’s kind of like a signal for me, a reminder for me to cherish every moment more than I did because there’s only so much time you have in badminton.”


Q: How has the lockdown impacted Lauren Lam’s training and tournament schedule?
A: The lockdown restrictions have forced Lam to halt her training and disrupted her carefully planned tournament schedule.

Q: How has Lauren Lam been utilizing her time during the lockdown?
A: Lam has been using this time to reflect on her badminton game, prepare for her SAT tests, and explore her passion for music.

Q: How has Lauren Lam adjusted her training routine without access to a court or a gym?
A: Lam has transformed her garage into a workout space and utilizes a variety of equipment such as a treadmill, exercise bike, bands, balance equipment, and weights for her training sessions.

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Lauren Lam is a remarkable young athlete who has faced the challenges of the current pandemic with resilience and adaptability. While she eagerly awaits the return of the badminton circuit, Lam has taken this time to reflect on her game, pursue her studies, and dive into her passion for music. Her story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us to make the most of every moment, even in the face of adversity.

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