Sunday, 21 Jul 2024

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The YONEX All England 2024 kicked off with an intense first-round match between Catherine Choi/Josephine Wu and Annie Xu/Kerry Xu. Although it wasn’t the final, both teams approached the game with utmost determination and focus. With the Olympic qualification window closing in and a Pan Am slot at stake, the outcome of this match had significant implications.

The Xu sisters, ranked 28th in the world, were 15th in the Race to Paris, while Choi and Wu were closely behind at No. 33. The pressure was on, with another USA pair, Francesca Corbett/Allison Lee, sitting right behind them at No. 34.

In the end, Wu and Choi emerged victorious in a grueling three-game battle. The mental and physical effort they put into the game was palpable, as they looked completely exhausted. Their win was crucial for their chances of catching up in the rankings.

“Mentally and physically, it’s a double whammy,” Wu commented after the match. “We knew we had to win today; otherwise, it would have become difficult for us to catch up. We’re so glad we pulled through. We gave it our all, treating it like it’s our last match.”

One of the challenges on the court was adapting from the slow conditions of the YONEX French Open last week to the relatively faster conditions in Birmingham. Wu mentioned that the faster conditions worked to their advantage, as they struggled with slow halls. Despite their opponents catching up at times, Wu and Choi remained focused and determined to press back.

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The Xu sisters, although disappointed with the loss, maintained a philosophical outlook. Annie Xu reflected on the match, saying, “It didn’t really feel like a first round; it felt like the semis or finals of the Pan American Championships. Playing against a top contender for the Olympic spot is nerve-racking for us. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with it. We wanted to win not just for ourselves but for our family and those who supported us. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get the outcome we hoped for, but at least we gave it our best.”

What Others Said

The intense matches at the YONEX All England 2024 have garnered various reactions:

  • Ren Xiang Yu, known as ‘Flying in the Universe,’ expressed, “It’s a great start to the week. I absolutely feel like I am flying in the universe.”
  • Anders Antonsen, despite experiencing chaos due to delayed flights and lost luggage, remarked, “It’s been a crazy start, to be honest. I’m happy I got through this match comfortably.”
  • Rasmus Gemke, reflecting on his close match against Shi Yu Qi, stated, “It was a fantastic match. I think I played one of my best matches in a long time.”


Q: What was at stake in the match between Catherine Choi/Josephine Wu and Annie Xu/Kerry Xu?
A: The match had significant implications as it took place during the Olympic qualification window, with a Pan Am slot on the line.

Q: What were the rankings of the teams involved in the match?
A: The Xu sisters were ranked 28th in the world and 15th in the Race to Paris, while Choi and Wu were No. 33.

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Q: How did Wu and Choi feel after their victory?
A: Wu and Choi were elated with their win, knowing that it was crucial for their chances of catching up in the rankings.


In the first round of the YONEX All England 2024, Catherine Choi and Josephine Wu faced off against Annie Xu and Kerry Xu in a highly-anticipated match. With Olympic qualification and a Pan Am slot on the line, both teams gave it their all. In the end, Wu and Choi emerged victorious in a thrilling three-game battle. The Xu sisters, although disappointed, reflected on their efforts and the pressure they faced. The tournament also witnessed other exciting matches and memorable quotes from players. Overall, the intensity and competitiveness of the matches set the stage for an exciting event. To stay updated on the latest news and matches, visit